Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Electricity : IF

"Bulb-fireflies", Color pencil on paper

"I forgot to recharge my batteries last night".

p/s: No matter how many portable modern device we have, we still bound to the power plugs.


Tony LaRocca said...

It's gotta hurt when they try to go to the bathroom! :)

mangosteenskin said...

hi tony!
Hahaahhaha! never cross my mind.

cata said...

Adorable! and funny!!

helen said...

Very amusing - well illustrated.

Emily said...

too cute! beautifully colored, love your technique!

rizal said...

Great take on the subject..huhu..kesian depa nak terbang musti bawak bebanan kan?

I like this illo very much.. Love how you make the background (blue) seolah-olah berputar-putar, menjadikannya ia lebih kelihatan dinamik.


Emila Yusof said...

Haha...funny and witty! Love this!

bluecrystaldude said...

ouch! <-- for tony's comment

haha.. love the expression of the left one.. wonderful!

remain.anonymous said...

ahahah.. so cute! I love this mangoo!!! Yah i nearly forget about this atc swap. :s I'll send it out tomorrow. Sorry.


Lestat said...

i still tak dapat lagi tools nk buat stamp tu..leh tlg tak di mana nk beli..plisss..

mangosteenskin said...

hi cata!

hi helen!

hi emily!

TQ for all those kind words. really make my day.

saya langsung x pikir soal dinamik. nak lukis fireflies pun jadi bulb-insects. Haha. saya pakai warna kayu sebab malas bancuh warna! x boleh buat digital juga sbb laptop saya primitif!

haha, dude,
haha!<---for ur comment on tony's. tony spoiled it all. I really hope my insects don't have to poop or pee. haha.

I guess, it's me on the right one. always forget to charge my handphone. LOL.

helo pupu,
wah u so busy ah?
Thanks for taking time to drop by.

FarA said...


questions poked into one another during the bulb-fireflies mating season! =p zapppped
short circuits everywhere!


cheers (^-^)

♥Carol♥ said...

manggis..terer bah ko nie lukis melukis..sia nie mo lukis stickman pun nda pandai juga haha..neway really2 like ur arts :)'re so talented lady ..sincere nie :)

Bobo Cat said...

Haha! Very imaginative and beautifully done. Your caption is a funny touch, I really have a good laugh.

Kstyles said...

Haha. This is awesome!

Faisal Admar said...

Very cute indeed. Agree with Tony, they will die or worse explode lol.

Agree with you.

"No matter how many portable modern device we have, we still bound to the power plugs."

If this can be solved, its cool when you go sunbathing and online at the same time. :O)

AbGJaS said...

Hi Mangosteen,
I wonder if u could take off the bulb and replace it with other electrical devices...

But having the power plugs is good enough though. Sometimes to insert 2-pin charger into 3-pin socket is as just troublesome..

Mo cari pensel ka, skru dreba ka mo bikin cucuk..

mangosteenskin said...

hi fara,
i'm sure they have secret technique. lol.

hi carol!
i'm touched with ur humble and sincere comment. Later I teach u to draw stick insect okay. after we finish with stickman. hehe.

hi bobo,
Hahahaha! thanks for ur comment. i feel "lifted". haha.

hi kstyles,
your awesome comment will keep me smiling all day long. thanks!

owh faisal,

hm, my physic lecturer once said, it is actually possible to invent batteries that can last a lifetime?(theoretically), but it will not benefit the manufacturer as people only buy batteries once in ten years (for eg.) or once in a lifetime (of coz, it will be unaffordably expensive too). eg. by changing the material inside the batteries or invent batteries that can keep charging themselves while in use, etc.

err...maybe i was day-dreaming at the back of the class. haha.

mangosteenskin said...

yes abgjas, good idea. maybe a telephone. so we don't need to run accross the room just to answer a call. the phone will fly to us. hehe.

hm, i wonder why they don't just produce 3-pin only? 2-pin is minus the earthing wire kan? and the "perintang"?

any bright students or electrical eng. here?

Bee said...

Wonderful illustration! Great characters and really superb use of colour pencils.

remain.anonymous said...

Oh yup i need your address. Send the address to my email: *teehee* Thanx.