Saturday, 17 May 2008

Her Name is Petal

Remember my mangosteen fairies? Well, this one's named Petal.

I haven't finished working with the other two but I can't wait to show her pic in one of the outfit I designed for her. Of course, mangosteen fairy only wears purple. Hehe.

Her face reminds me of my beloved nephew--->Faris.

I've been trying to find Faris's photo in my hard-drive but maybe I've transfered it to somewhere else. So I just use these photos which I put in flickr a year ago, maybe. I haven't took much photos since I started doing stamp carving and illo early this year. And too lazy to upload new photos to my flickr. So guys, this is Faris; my mangosteen fairy in the real world. Apart from macro, children photography is my favourite. Kids are always photogenic.

Sometimes he just so quiet, and look as if a lot of thinking going on in his mind.

Two mangosteen fairies learning to set up camp. Faris and cousin, Shahir.


rizal said...

love this the colours and the details.. musti skirt tuu mahal buat kat tukang jahit pari2..sebab 3 lapisan skirt tuuu..


phatelara said...

Wahhhh..Petal the Mangosteen Fairy Princess is so cute! Love the dress and the colours. Nice la, Kak Manggis. Great job!

Nora said...

ooh, pretty. Love the colors!

coolingstar9 said...

Petal-the dress look like flower, very nice looking indeed.
Hope to see more dress-design.
Have a nice day.
From: coolingstar9

antown said...

awalnya kupikir yang punya blog ini dari luar negeri. ternyata orang indonesia, sodara sendiri. hehehe

salam kenal

SENTA said...

She is so cute!! Love the outfit especially, and her sweet face :)

mOEha Aziz said...

my mata (en nizam) said it's PETAI, i was rather confused. asked him to read... ropa ropa nye petal... huhuhu... fairies? bestnyer...

FarA said...

reminds me of my favourite fairy tales back when i was 7.
Thumbelina :)

antown said...

keep on fire. semangat berkarya terus ya. main ke blog saya lagi lain waktu

Faisal Admar said...

comey nyaaaa :)
i love mangosteen anyway :P

syntheticsoul said...

en. antown, puan manggis ni orang sabah da... tapi serumpun la kan?

Mariuca said...

Ooooh I love Petal's hair, she's so cute! :)

mangosteenskin said...

saya cemburukan skirt si Petal. Haha!

saya sendiri geram tengok pipi dia. dan baju dia...saya pun mahu!!!

thanks for dropping by!

yeah. will make more design dont froget to check them out!

oh satu penghargaan itu kalau saya disangka orang indon. err..kenapa ya sodara antown sangka saya org indon? apapun, biar saya orang malaysia, kita tetap sodara dong mas!

petal said thank you!

yes, petal ini pari2 manggis. nama melayunya; Kelopak. hehe.

saya tidak berapa suka makan manggis walaupun sedap. tapi saya suka warnanya!

hehe, ya kita serumpun macam serai. hehe.

thanks. i like her eyelashes and red baby's. i do think she's cute...eventhough she's my creation. hehe. angkat bakul. kah kah.

Along Arman said...

wah.. shantEq..
lEh crEatE my facE as a fairy tak?

bluecrystaldude said...

sopan gitu.. haha... love the dress... the middle layer looks like my mum apron though.. :D

mangosteenskin said...

aloo along,
buleh tu buleh, but i'm a bit tide up lately.

ha'ah. kain tu beli dari kilang yang sama. hehe.