Monday, 5 May 2008

Seed : IF

I accidently spilled my drink on these seeds. My actual plan was, to draw these seeds for this week's Illustration Friday submission. While cleaning the spills, I realized something coming out. At the beginning...I saw green things moving. Then a face, later bluish golden wings! They're fairies in purple gown and green shoes! How cute! I'm not good at giving it'll take time for me to find names for them. For the mean time, I'll just call them----mangosteen fairies! Hehe.

p/s: Please don't wake me up.


Mrsfechner said...

I love these drawings..... !! :) :)

syntheticsoul said...

huuhu... very nice and 'comei'.

rizal said...

wahhh i like this one..very simple very naive but very much like yours' ( i mean your style)

i think this is first time ever kan manggo buat style kanak2..


speaking of tgh buat.. tak dak aral melintang by besok siap kot post...ahak ahak..nampaknyer rizal yang paling last post niii hehehe

Brine Blank said...

Aren't 'happy accidents' great?

kiki [hei] said...

ah!~~~~ how lovely~~~!!! they look like "nana" and "lulu" to me~~~~~

Bobo Cat said...

You're real imaginative, you are a natural-born artist.

mangosteenskin said...

helo mrsfechner!
thanks for ur comment. i try to drop some comment on ur blog too but i cant. do i need to register first? let me know.

hi synthetic...soul.
hehe. comei ya? but it didnt turn out like what i want lah. anyway...thanks!

hai rizal...
ye kot. suka? haha. FYI, saya guna mangosteen fairy ni dlm atc. saya agak ketandusan lah akhir2 ni. Idea selalu x menjadi seperti yg diinginkan bila diturunkan ke atas kertas.

i like when u use that word, "naive". hehe.

halo brine blank,
yes, happy accidents are pleasant suprise! thanks for dropping by!

when i was a kid, i always wish to have tiny friends. like thumbelina. i made a matchbox bed with pillows, hoping that one day i will wake up and find a thumbelina sleeping in there. but each morning i found the bed cold and empty. it remains empty till one day i decided to ditch it and give up hope.

hey kiki!
thank u! but i think ur sheeps are more adorable. im a fan of ur illo!!

mangosteenskin said...

owh hi bobo cat!! glad to see u here! thanks!!

SENTA said...

Very cute!

girlforallstatus said...

I love your work. You're very creative. I wish I could be as gifted as you. =)

rbaird said...

Very clever!

mhelmi said...

Ko skang nie mmg aktif betul dgn aktiviti melukis ko ya. Sdh tukar profession ka. Cuba ko bt lukisan yg ada unsur2 biotech..hehehe. Just give a suggestion.

Faisal Admar said...

Mangosteen Fairies sounds good to me =)

thedoodlegirl said...

Such a magical post and illos!

mangosteenskin said...

helo senta!
tq! always happy to see u here.

hello girlforallstatus!
never too late to learn smthing new. Join us! or maybe u have other talents that i dont have. we're all unique and special in our own way, right? thanks for dropping by!

halo rbaird!
is it? clever? hehe. thank u.

hai helmi,
ya akupun xtau apa profession aku yg sebenar ni helmi. haha! untuk tema "seed" ni mula2 aku terfikir gak nak lukis biji orkid mikroskopik dalam petry dish. Pastu dilihat dari kanta mikroskop dengan kuasa pembesaran 40x atau 100x. tapi x jadik...hehe.

helo faisal,
my mangosteen fairies say "hi". thanks yah.

helo thedoodlegirl!
love to see u here. thanks u!

Emila Yusof said...

I love fairies!! What a great idea you have this week! Great job!

Taf Teh said...

Luv it, beb...

mangosteenskin said...

wohooo...kak emila!
thank u! i really wish this incident is real. :)

halo taf teh,
thank u beb!

Megat Eusofe said...

wah wahhhhhhhhhhhh
suker la this one
idea menarik sangat2


huik,mata jaga ???? from whut ??

johanna said...

your post made me smile :)

AbGJaS said...

Hi Mangosteenskin,
I'm a bit confused here, shouldnt the figures be seen from right to left? Or there are actually 3 fairies altogether.

Yeahh..Mangosteen fairies sounds good enuf..

bluecrystaldude said...

Mangosteen Fairies panjang sangat. Kasik ar nama glamer sket. Cam Roxy and Roxen k? haha.. tak de kene mengena pun.. hehe

Wah.. Rizal took words out of my mouth. The "naive" part tuh. I always thought your artworks portrait something that are so sincere. Congrats :)

bluecrystaldude said...

I want to leave this comment on your shoutbox, but after refresh it couple times, it still wont appear. hehe

I just read your comment on my post, "What age that I want to go back to". You can't see my pictures? Are you using Internet Explorer or Firefox? Reply to my shoutbox :)

Mariuca said...

Hi dear! I love the sound of mangosteen fairies he he..and they look so cute too! :)

mangosteenskin said...

hai megat!!
mata itu jangan tajam sangat bila pandang orang! Haha! Nanti tembus!

TQ ya sebab kata pari-pari manggis I ni comel...hehe.

hello johanna!
glad it made u smile. see, u look even sweeter when u smile. thanks for coming!

hello abgjas,
alah...abgjas nih...itu ada tiga pari2 lah abgjas...satu tu tak berapa kena tumpah air jadi lambat sikit bukak. haha. tengoklah nanti kalau ada lagi biji benih ajaib tu kasi sama abgjas!

hey dude! abt....roxy, roxen and rexona? haha! tapis balik! tapis balik! kang jadi pari2 bau ketiak!

thank u..thank u. i never thought my drawings could be described that way. :)

eh? i hv no idea since when my shoutbox gets so choosy. hehe.

hi mariuca!
thank u for dropping by. I'm feel honored to be a member of ur Red Hot Drop Club! hehe. *hug*.

van dyke said...

Nice concept! Very happy illustration!

mangosteenskin said...

helo van dyke!
thanks for ur comment! really appreciate it.

FarA said...

i just heart them!

Megat Eusofe said...


me dah post posting nie ke

4 me , nie mmg satu karya dari penghasilan idea yg bijak.

dari ketidaksengajaan
terhasil satu kecantikan