Monday, 2 June 2008

Baby : IF

Baby Dispender? : Watercolor Pencil on Paper

Do you wonder where I got the idea? Well, after checking my mail (last friday's night), I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. While brushing, I continue searching for ideas for the "baby" theme. Phisically, I'm in the bathroom, with my hand carry on the automatic brushing task but my was somewhere else. When my husband passed by the door (I left the door opened), I was so shocked when he called my name until I screamed!! Kurrr...semangat.

All my ideas gone with the screaming. The only thing I see was the shower gel dispenser. Staring straight at me.


Kstyles said...

Great idea! Love the illo.

Connie said...

And didn't you finally produce a totally delightful illustration!

antown said...

memang, ide bisa datang darimana saja. Terkadang di toilet, atau ngelamun atau saat perjalanan naik kendaraan umum.
ngomong2 gambarnya bagus mbak, saya suka pilihan warnanya. kapan2 saya juga mau buat seperti itu ah...

Em said...

Love the happy babies waiting to be dispensed.

remain.anonymous said...

Hahaha... awww thats so cute mango. I love the idea. Baby in the shower gel dispenser and when you squeeze them out of the bottle, you will hear the laughter of the babies. gigglings. i love that sound. :)they make me smile too.

Love it Mango. :)


mangosteenskin said...

hi kstyles,
thanks for ur comment.

thanks too.

ya, tunggu apa lagi. saya percaya kamu bisa menghasilkan yg lebih baik! ya, benar sekali. saya paling banyak mengkhayal sewaktu menaiki bas, tapi ide paling banyak datang sewaktu saya mahu tidur. bisa terus masuk dalam mimpi.

yes, they all waiting to be dispensed. and they will float in the air. don't forget to catch them!

i forgot about giggles. in my head, the illo is muted. hehe. i'm glad u mention it. now, i can hear them! one more thing---> don't forget their smell. even their vomit smells nice. Haha!

SENTA said...

These babies are too adorable!! Love it! And a dispenser would be a much more convenient way to get one than going through childbirth, ha ha ha!

Linda T. Snider Ward said...

Very good & original response to the word--cute, funny, well done.

Megat Eusofe said...

wah...nice idea

Bee said...

Absolutely love this illustration! It's funny, cute and clearly surreal! Wonderful. Also great to hear about you sources of ideas and your exiting and effective doodle experiement above :)

rizal said...

Great illo. awesome. Love the bubble like feature. I really enjoy the subtleties in colour which go well with the Baby IF theme. :)


Emila Yusof said...

Adorable! Love your idea! Reminds me of bubble boy!

Hafizd said...


Bobo Cat said...

Cute and fabulous idea. Love the different pose of the babies.