Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Paddy Field from My Childhood

Bringing back memories - ATC

I try to re-create an improvised version of the drawing that I use to make in primary school. Everytime our teacher tell us to draw a view of a village, or landscape, most of the student will draw this kind of scene. You'll find blue hills, coconut tree, wooden shack, paddy field, trees, river and birds, flying up high in the sky.

I wonder what children draw these days.


dobby said...

remind me a long time far away...:-)

shahril aley said...

wow tringat kisah kecil dulu
ermmm mmg betoi la
itulah lukisan kite akan pikir
lelagi mmg dulu banyak cite ttg kampung kan :)

Baizurah said...

These days, children draw anime characters and tv superheros... they sure lack the necessary motivation to be creative.... and by that I meant BOREDOM. Children nowadays have no time for Creative Hobbies... they just don't have time for that, now they have PSP and mobile phones! to keep them pretty occupied all day long (and yeah not forgetting to mention cable TV).... in a way it's pretty sad...

mangosteenskin said...

hi dobby,
yeah, reminds me of the those days too.

hi shahril,
nampaknya kita sezaman lah ni, haha! tp masa tu saya x tahu pun guna komputer, bukan mcm budak2 sekarang. mereka hebat, malah ada handphone!

hi baizurah,
yeah u're right. I have no regret been born in those years. but do u still remember? that time we were crazy over gaban, ms.comet, kesatria baja hitam, and..."pemain bola tampar...namanya si cun...*menyanyi lagu yg kita alihbahasa sendiri*. LOL.

FarA said...

i was among the children who drew a view of a village exactly stated by u =) and that was not long ago. back in 1996. erm, 10 years back.

anyway, oh padi dan gunung dan pokok kelapa! reminds me of my childhood x)

ps: pokok kelapa too was famous when i was told to draw "pemandangan di tepi pantai" and, the sunset and burung2 terbang. lol

Leanne said...

This is beautiful! So calming! :)

yong said...

sangat memory lah...

Baizurah said...

LOL, I remember that alihbahasa song... how nostalgic! all the lawak things we used to do in the olden days....

Remember that we used to climb that hill in Rancangan? The hill that we thought was a shortcut but was actually NOT a shortcut? Remembering that now, I think we were a bunch of loonies - Especially Angel she was the one who came up with the idea... hahaha

Talking about Angel, I had a Jejak Kasih with her back in college... she was my junior and she was still pretty much the same... She's currently married to a song composer / singer Donovon Linus (my ex-coursemate) and they had a baby last year... Remember how Angel used to come up with wacko ideas like making Play-Doh with Pemadam and Minyak Kapak? And everyone in my class believed her... we end up using up all our pemadams and minyak kapak supplies because we thought we could make plastisin with them... doh. It was kinda like a science experiment or something LOL!

AbGJaS said...

Hi Mangosteenskin,
Did that also when i was small. I still recall one of my friend tried to draw a river which was supposed to run beside a house, but looked like coming down from the roof of the know what i mean, wrong perspecive lah!

love-n-hate said...

hey mangosteenskin,

i can bring myself to peace just by looking to this pic... nicely illustrated!!

mangosteenskin said...

hi fara!
ya, u're so correct. beach view and sunset are among the most popular choice too. speaking of coconut trees, remind me of marsha and her "pokok klapak" song. hehe.

hi leanne!
I'm so happy to see u here. ur artwork in one of my favourite! somehow i feel peaceful looking at the drawing too. i can feel the breeze. perhaps I should add some birds in the sky. what do u think?

hi yong!
i'm glad that i came up with this drawing. now i know other people also share the feeling of nostalgic and tranquil with me.

LOL! glad u mention the rubber plastisin! i almost forget! pity us, living in kampong, not easy to find play-doh those days. i remember we roll the rubber dust with minyak cap kapak until it produce heat, to make it soft and blended. i don't like the smell but since most of the kids do that, i don't want to miss making my own play-doh. so kasian, but kicik2 sudah kreatif kan. Hahahaha.

Hey, remember I received one letter from an anonymous: It says;
choose who u like
a. bakhtiar
b. arif A
c. arif B (there were two arifs in ur class if im not mistaken).
I was primary 4 and u primary 5. and u're the messenger and postman!! LOL...LOL.

how nice to hear abt angel! i'm not sure if i can recognize her anymore. she's clever with the short-cut suggestion---it was her house on top of the hill! perhaps she's just boring to climb that hill alone! haha. we were manipulated!

hi abgjas,
yeah, i think i've seen some kids in my class draw unrealistic perspective too! (as if i never do that, LOL). i also remember i like to draw hills but the peak use to be very smooth and round. I draw two hills placed next to each other (and there's a sun coming out from the valley), but then i don't want the boys to say the hills look like *tuuutt*, so i draw three hills. but then i want my drawing to be different, so i draw many hills---end up looking like big fish scales. haha.

helo love-n-hate!
Thanks!! i have good time reading all the comments in this post.

Megat Eusofe said...

luv it
kemas sungguh

tengan n sejuk jerk mata memandang

bluecrystaldude said...

You know, I actually haven't see any paddy field for the whole 20 years of my life. My first time was when I went to Perlis with my friends. LOL. I was really excited to see so much tranquility of it behold in front of my eyes. Of course I never saw the real Kerbau and Kambing either until then and still I am still confused between Kerbau and Lembu. hehe

When I was in primary school, I love to draw a river and its surrounding :)