Friday, 20 June 2008

Photos from Sepilok

My hubby supposed to have a meeting in Sandakan on the 17th but due to a no-need-to-be-mentioned reasons, he don't need to attend the meeting. But the flights already booked. Hubby said his work is stressful and he really need a break. So we took this chance to go for holiday. At the same time, he could submit the report that he prepared earlier to the Project Manager. I had a fever while we were there but lucklily, it's under control with the help of 1000mg Paracitamol everytime I start to feel unwell. I don't want my hubby to end up looking after a sick wife during his holiday. Hehe.

We only manage to visit the Rainforest Research Centre and the Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre at Sepilok, because our hotel is quite far from the city (budget hotel, hehe) and buses are the only mean of transportation (we don't want to take the cab, we afraid it would be very expensive as the oil price had increased).

I don't really like monkeys because I had witnessed my sister been attacked by my uncle's pet when I was 7, or 8. However, I still think they're cute though. Look at the pictures, these monkeys really knows how to pose for the camera. I feel entertained watching their behaviour (and forgot my fever, hehe). I have to admit that I had a good time at Sepilok, because of the monkeys.

Look at the baby (pic: below, right). I feel like I want to hold it...but I dare not trying to get closer to them, remember, looking harmless doesn't mean they can be trusted.

Innocent-faced monkey (above, left). Dominant male (Above, right) . The loving mother, taking care and playing with her young one (last 4 pictures).

The Orang Utans were a bit far away. I'm using maximum 12x optical zoom of my camera but didn't manage to focus correctly on them. See the monkey on the first frame, posing for the camera.

My favourite plants - Orchids and Nepenthes (pitcher plants). One of the orchid (below, center) look like human, wearing big hat and yellow bow-tie. On its left is the famous Slipper Orchid. I had to position the camera underneath the flower (below, right) because the flower look like it has been turned upside-down (see above small pic, top left).

Finally, sharing with you the sight from the top of the observation tower. Click for larger image, so you can see the birds!


Lestat said...

nice place to visit..

Bani "BBoy Kodok" said...


Bani "BBoy Kodok" said...


rizal said...

nampak fun.. hope you ve enjoyed your holiday yaaa...


the birds tuuu funny..hahaha

Emila Yusof said...

Beautiful photos! I have always wanted to visit Sepilok. Maybe one day you take me there?

Oh I love the Slipper Orchids, can also find them at Gunung Ledang Forest.

Veda Murthy said...

r u from penang? nice place !

bonoriau said...

wah nampak mantap sekali ...bagaimana mau nyampai ka sini ya

syntheticsoul said...

just loooove orchids too.

★ntown said...

Hati2 lho, orang utan kadang suka merebut dompet atau uang kita.

beware aja heheh :)

mangosteenskin said...

hi lestat,
trimakasih kerana datang lagi.

bani kodok,

hai rizal,
i hope u enjoy birdwatching! hehe.

hi kak emila!
TQ! yes, why not? maybe one day we can go there together!

hi pak bono,
TQ! pertama kali komen di sini, tp sy sdh kenal pak bono dr blog rizal lagi. selamat datang!

untuk smpai ke sandakan boleh naik bas atau kapal terbang dari kota kinabalu. boleh juga dari lahad datu atau tawau. untuk sampai ke sepilok memakan masa 1 jam dari bandar sandakan.

helo syntheticsoul,
orchid cantik kan!

helo antown,
ya saya berjaga-jaga juga masa itu. takut dirampok monyet2 yg nakal. haha.