Friday, 27 June 2008

Small but Never Nameless

Garden of the Night

We were at the waiting room, at the hospital. Sara, my sister-in-law sat next to me, playing game boy. Me, having only my classic handphone with snake game in it---chose to doodle. I color it later at the office, trim the corner, put an eyelet and gave it to Sara before she went back to KL. Glad to know she likes to read, so a bookmark can still be useful coz I have nothing else to give her.

I have fun giving title to my drawings. No matter how small they are. Hehe.

Munge, Rooster on the Block, Rafflesia and Candy for Three (clockwise)

These drawings are made on pieces of leftover papers. I don't make them in a single day, I work on them bit by bit, whenever I have free time.

Kak Ida also has her own tips on what to do with leftover papers. She loves papercrafts and scrapbooking. Check her blog out! Maybe you can get inspired!


fun fliffy said...

i love it :) especially those candies n garden of night..

-warna dgn pensil warna ke water color ye

- lepas lukis..scan utk upload @ amik gambar..

- kertas lukisan biasa,,ye

sorry..soalan tak berapa bijak.. huhu

saya tgh suka lukis flower in the segan nak tunjuk..

bonoriau said...

really admire your work

mangosteenskin said...

hi fliffy!
thanks for taking time to comment. i use watercolor pencil on watercolor paper. these pictures were scanned.

eh, janganlah malu2. jangan segan, share dengan kawan2! Hehe.

pak bono,
makasih pak. sudi komen lagi di sini.

Faisal Admar said...

I want a bookmark too since I read a lot of books! :(

Emila Yusof said...

These are marvelous, Manggis!

mangosteenskin said...

give me ur address. will make a bookmark for u. :)

mangosteenskin said...

kak emila,
thank u. i think ur work is far more brilliant!

remain.anonymous said...

Ohh this is so nice, mango!! I guess you have read my email right darl? :D *teehee*

I am thinking to send you a sketch for you to carve and i want you to carve my name:PUPU. So for me easy to chop2 after i finish my painting. hehehe. How? Ok tak?


mangosteenskin said...

hi pupu,
thank u. i haven't carved any stamps for about a month pupu. this will be a good time to revive the passion! u know once it started, it will be addictive. and i can't stop and forget other things. Hahaha. Get them e-mailed to me asap pupu!!

rizal said...

indeed very nice they are..

fuihhh it has been a while since my last blog hopping here and there.

small but nameless? i think "small but priceless" suit the title better..

hoho.. i am thinking of chop chop chop all my artworks using your restnrileks carved work too.


bluecrystaldude said...

I always bought bookmarks when I am traveling. You should sell it too. hehe. One bookmark in Paris almost RM10 a piece. Damn it expensive.

Sometimes I will use postcard as a bookmark too. hehe

mangosteenskin said...

hi rizal!
yeyeh, rizal sudah kembali dari bulan. finally get ur feet on the ground? haha.

thanks. but better u buy a good quality stamp ink if u want to "chop" on ur artwork. klu pakai yg office punya tu lama kelamaan mcm pandai resap ke dalam kertas kalau terchop tebal sangat.

hi BCdude,
i'm still figuring out how to sell my works. haha. thanks, such an encouragement.

drbubbles said...

I love that rafflesia one!