Thursday, 5 June 2008

Identity Swap

All the submission for Identity ATC Swap which I'm hosting had arrived on my desk except Pupu's. Pupu, we are very dissapointed and feel sorry that your cards might have lost in their way to Sabah, but I promise, just in case they arrive late, I will mail them to the next host, so your cards can be included in the next swap. I hope everyone is okay with the decision to proceed.

So here they are; I put early submissions on top. Congratulations to Rizal and Debbie, their ATC's manage to reach me before deadline.


I say, "I like drawing girls, tea and make my own handmade rubber stamps".

Rizal says, " i am nuts about black-and white style..just love using them.. i am most comfortable doing weird, conceptual buzy illos. :)"


Debbie says, "I chose to use the theme colours of my blog, which are dark pink and purple to represent myself. The bee symbolises my name, Debbie aka Day-Bee. Debbie is the short form of Deborah, even though in my IC, it's just Debbie. =) It is of Hebrew origin, which means "bee".The daisy and butterfly symbolise the girlish side of me. The glitter on some of the embellishments mean that I like some attention, sometimes. Notice that each ATC is different? That means that I like to different from others and it also means that I am fickle-minded".



Megat says, "Selepas semalaman berfikir2.Aku pilih tema Felis Catus ( Nama latin bagi-KUCING ). Ermmm, sebenarnya aku mmg suka kucing..."


Ida says, "It has been a long time but I still love drawing a font".


Emila says, "They're simple yet suitable for 'Identity' theme as my forte is children's art".



cima said...

alaaa..mine je yang tak cantek..sori sgt....sob2...dahla tak ada explaination...malu je... huk huk

rizal said...

yippie die..yippie die..yayyyy..hihihi.. bestnyer..semua dah siap.. huhuhu..

wah mcm mcm ada.. huhuhu

best best best.. ehhh manggo..boleh letakkan rizal punyer tak.. nii dia yerr description nyer..

" i am nuts about black-and white style..just love using them.. i am most comfortable doing weird, conceptual buzy illos. :)"

thank you.. i ll link to this post.. huhu..

phatelara said...

Semuanya cantik2. Cima, ATC awak cantikla. Saya jarang nampak crafters buat ATC guna doily paper. =)

Saya pun nak link ke sini jugak. =D

remain.anonymous said...

i hope my little ATC's will arrive there soon. Boohoo. It suppose to be i hope they will not be lost. *dies*

I am always the last. haha.


mangosteenskin said...

don't worry. i believe u can do better.

hai rizal,
syok kan? i'm speechlessly happy.

hai debbie,
kalau ada 2nd swap nanti mesti cima boleh buat yg lebih power. betul x cima?

halo pupu,
ya. hopefully ur atc will arrive soon. berdebar2 ni tunggu ur atc. agaknya dia singgah jalan2 lagi kat kk. hehe.

Kim said...

wowee !!!
what a divine collection of gorgeous ilustrations...
I'm quite greeeeeeeeeen with envy at your combined talents :) :)

Ida said...

wow weee.....those gorgeous atc's.....kudos to everybody...clap clap clap.good job!

What's next? he he he

bluecrystaldude said...

wah.. lawa nyer.. hehe.. smua lawa2.. :D

Shinade said...

Oh my this is lovely!! They are all so very very good!!

Thanks for dropping by and saying hello. We just got parked and I am dropping around!!

I hope you have a fantastic week end!!:-)

Emila Yusof said...

Wow! Love all of them!

Cima, I think yours is unique. All the cards are unique in their own way, so don't worry. The important part is that we did it by our own hands, it's original, not a print!

Great post, Manggis! Hope Pupu's ones will arrive soon!

Lestat said...

kenapala ikan yang bawah tu sedih semacam jer..nak kena goreng kot..hehehehe

phatelara said...

Hi Kak Manggis, you've been tagged.

Check it out:

Have fun!

mangosteenskin said...

hi kim!
nice to see u here! thanks! ya, i enjoy hosting this atc swap. everybody's done good job!

kak ida,
ye betul. kudos! kudos untuk kita! hehe!

kak emila,
thanks. yes, hopefully pupu's will arrive soon. then we'll get ready for the 2nd swap (rizal will be hosting). hehe. is that okay everyone?

hai lestat,
since tema swap kali ni identiti, mungkin pelukis atc tu seorang yang cintakan alam sekitar, sbb tu dia lukis ikan yang sedih. nampak tak tin kola tu? sapa lah yang campak sampah merata tu. lain kali gunalah tong sampah. hehe.

hi debbie,
tq for the tag!

Shemah said...

Hi there.. sorry, it's been a while since my last visit! Been super duper bz with the kids! Anyways, just wanted to say that everyone's drawings are just simply superb! I love the rubber stamp you made! Awesome!

dee said...

gambarmu bagus skali..
kerja sebagai desain grafis?

cima said...

heyya guys, thanks for the nice words..huhu, yeah masing2 ada signature sendiri kan..huhu

cik manggis..nnt I'll send u my description k..busy sikit ari ni..


Faisal Admar said...

Whoa! Gorgeous. Semua cantik-cantik belaka. Takde ke orang nak buat permandangan laut yang ada titi kayu yang mencapai 50 meter dari persisiran. Keadaan sunset or sunrise dan rumah di atas titi kayu tu seperti shadow berwarna hitam :)