Friday, 18 July 2008

Blue Bird and Kitsune

I was jumping with joy when I received two mails containing ATCs yesterday! Both the cards are gorgeous! I keep looking at them, again and again...and smile.

Mangosteenskin Mermaid (by me) & Blue Bird by JC, San Leandro USA (succesful swap -July 2008)

I saw this bluebird ATC in M.A.D ATC and straight away fell in love with the simplicity and composition. I like the use of color too, as their combination somehow reminds me to my childhood, especially the ochre background (actually JC recycle an envelope). It reminds me of my aunty's cushion cover and curtains, while the blue and red, reminds me of the dolls me and my sister once had. Whatever stuffs bought for us, it usually either pink and light blue or red and blue. Then, if she get red doll, mine would be blue. If she get pink pants, mine would be blue. "Eh, asyik2 saya saja yang dapat biru ni?", Yes, we did quarell over that issues long time ago. Haha!

Okay, back to the blue bird story. I told JC that I would like to have this cute bluebird but I don't have any available card to be traded with her. She said she collects mermaids and would like to have one from me. So, my mermaid is born. I've sent her to San Leandro USA to stay with JC, and I hope she will feel belonged living with the other mermaids from around the world.

Kitsune, The Fox Deity (by Beeble from UMS) & Finding Heart Shapes by me (succesful trade -July 2008)

Beeble was my childhood bestfriend, and after that, eventhough we went to the same secondary school, we're not close anymore. In fact, we became totally strangers to each other. We've lost contact for years, eventhough we share the same village. I met her again during my final year at the university, I was leaving the place and she came in to work there. Now, she's a student again. I must say, our friendship is revived through blogosphere! All these days, I never knew she could draw. Look what blogs has done to us, sometimes in reality all we know is just skin deep but through blogs we could learn a litle bit more!

Beeble produces Folklore themed ATCs (find her other Folklore series ATCs in M.A.D). She reads a lot and I appreciate that she likes to share her readings. She includes some description about Kitsune in M.A.D. Meanwhile, my Finding Heart Shapes is one of the cards where I learn to use watercolor pencil few months ago. I was lack of idea and use heart shapes to create everything in the drawing; the butterfly, the flowers and leaves.


Veda Murthy said...

Have a tag for u ...check my blog kai kriye

notyet100 said...

ur blog is awesome,,do visit mine whn free,..

rizal said...

well congrat mango, nampaknya lepas ni makin banyak lerr koleksi ATC mango.

you friend makes great ATC too.. :)

fun fliffy said...

wow,,,awesome work.. mmg semuanye lovely,,i proud u presented malaysia !! keep on imagining !! ~~

mangosteenskin said...

thanks veda, notyet100, rizal n fliffy!! u guys fuel my blog! hehe.

Baizurah said...

I am so glad that my Kitsune arrived to you safely! I was so worried that it won't. You can say that I have little faith in our Malaysian postal service! Haha.

I am happy that we're in touch again. Even though through artworks! I can't wait to receive finding heart shapes. I have little faith in the university postal service... let's just hope they'll prove me wrong.