Thursday, 24 July 2008

Carol's Stamps and Stickers

At 2.30am, I manage to finish carving, printing and cutting stickers for Carol.

Carol request for the same stickers like Fliffy's, with the name and URL changed, but I decide to make a new one for her, using her favourite colors; pink, white and baby blue, and the heart-shaped candy is inspired by her current blog header. The design is really simple, as I don't have any drawing or photo-editing software, I have to draw it on paper and scan. The process is so time consuming, tiring and unflexible method as I can never undo any mistake. In fact, the drawing I made for the stickers are ATCs (maybe I can trade them one day, hehe). Please bear my limited design till I get myself a compatible laptop and appropriate softwares, namely CS3 and Illustrator.

I'm working hard for it, haiyahh!


plain.jane said...

wow! u carve in a eraser?
it's so pretty!

♥Carol♥ said...

manggis....thank you soooo muchhhh...loving it hehe...cant wait to get my hands on those cutie pie

Ciyou said...

I love the cupcakes stamps~~ they are so nice

Rani said...

mango, sangat cantik!!! jeles I

mangosteenskin said...

hi plain.jane!!
yes, these stamps are erasers. thanks!

hi carol!!
hope u like them! please take a good care of them and with love. hehe.

hi ciyou!
thanks for liking it! carol suggested the design (she took it from a tattoo photo). i like the cupcake from the first time i saw it too.

hi rani,
timakasih, jangan jeles2. nanti2 rani punya adalah tu. hehe. semalam dah pos carol punya parcel, now i'm working on yours. tunggu....

Artoholic said...

You have made spectacular stamps there! Better than shop bought ones. Well done!

Warm regards,


bluecrystaldude said...

Nice2.. I am glad your franchise is getting bigger. hehehe

mangosteenskin said...

hi cindy!
thanks for taking time to comment. ur artworks are amazing!!

Hi bluecrystaldude,
haha, ya i'm having fun getting paid to do what i like. but i haven't franchised mangosteenskin yet. hihi.

rizal said...


semakin berkembang...

Now i am sure.. i can imagine this.. somewhere not for from the distant future.. a shop in KK..

has a sign..

"OTAKU - your customised hand carved stamp" hehehe... hey i do mean it..

You are really really getting good at this.

syabas and tahniah.. :)