Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Seriously 'ATC'ed.

I made this ATC last night. She will be used to make sticker and stamps (will make a post about it later). This is my first time using sponging technique (for the background).

Speaking of ATC, I have 5 ATC group trades in my list. All submissions ending on 31st August.
  1. Peaceful Places theme ATC - atcsforall (3 cards)
  2. Leaf theme ATC for Diladi - atcsforall (another 2 cards)
  3. Singapore theme ATC - Monday Artday (3 cards)
  4. Independence theme ATC - Special blogger group trade (3 cards)
  5. Ocean theme ATC - Monday Artday (3 cards)

Total 16 cards to finish, including another one for Rizal and Yazmin (Singapore) each. My scheduled is packed nowadays, but I challenge myself to get them finished before midst of August.


Antown said...

waaaah...semangat betul.
makannya apa kok bisa semangat gitu, manggis?

+farahnajiha said...

ya sure, no prob. email=

can u sertakan ur alamat rumah in the email? thanks!

Faisal Admar said...

wah! you got so many things to get done? ouch! that's gotta hurt... hehe.

love this sticker a lot ;)

fun fliffy said...

salam mango dear..
love ur stamps !!
seronok tgk mango dpt carving
a lot of designs.. wow
hehe fliffy masih sayang nak guna..
huhu...tcre n goodluck on the wood carving plak...jaga2 gergaji tuh.. huhu...byk nye swap..tcre !!!

Caffeaulait or Caffelatte said...

AWESOME!! Can't help smiling! Eagerly waiting like a kiddo at a candy store. (*wink*)

rizal said...

Tabik Tabik Tabik...

banyak tuuu kerja.. ni cam dah kira jadik full time swapper dan carver ni.. and part time zwageri.. hehe..

Itu Gadis mungkin mengambil masa berehat sejenak minum teh hijau yang "calming" sebelum menyambung semula membuat ATC.


pupu-sketch said...

wow!! So many ATC you have to do dear. I wish you gud luck aites! :D Have fun ATC-ing!


bluecrystaldude said...

And I still haven't done any of my ATC - the only one from Rizal. Haha..