Friday, 25 July 2008

Cupcake or not?

I designed a cupcake stamp for Bakedecorate2u (Rani's home-bakery), but I made some carving mistake because I was chatting with our new employee. When I show it to my hubby, he thought it was for ice-cream shop or something like Coffeebean.

I've shown this stamp to Rani, she likes it but I feel guilty if later people get confused and thought she runs ice-cream shop! Let me know what u think about it. I know I'm lack of experience. If it's not suitable for Rani's home-bakery, then I'll make a new one, and this time it would be a cake. How about the sketch below?


Antown said...

I'm the first comment?? yeah!!

Antown said...

memang harus sabar buat seprti ini, apalagi kalo detail dan erasernya saiznya kecil

Antown said...

oya, alat pisau/cukil-nya itu berapa rupiah ya? maksud saya berapa ringgit belinya?

Emila Yusof said...

I think this is great! Nop, I don't think it looks like ice-cream shop. I looks very much cake shop to me, that is one cool cuppacake! love it!

rizal said...

the design is great.

Personally, i dont think it looks like an ice-cream, more of a cupcake.

The new sketch is great too. I am sure both would do great.

Seeing the second design, i am sure Rani would love to get her/his hand on em. Second design is somewhat more details. But that doesnt mean the one that you made is less than perfect.

Ciyou said...

It looks like a cup cake shop rather then a bakery shop.

Maybe u can draw some bread stamps or the cake one should be better.

I found the larger piece of rubber on a shop that day. I plan to carve it when I'm free, now busy playing my new "Toy".

mangosteenskin said...

hi antown!
ya kali ini antown yang pertama komen. sampei 3 sih komennya. tahniah. memang kalau mengukir stamp ini harus tekun dan tidak boleh buru2. kalau untuk gambar yg banyak detail halus2, saya sendiri adakalanya terpaksa menahan napas.hehe. eraser yg kecil2 memang lebih rumit untuk dikerjakan.

pisau ini harganya sekitar RM 8-25. kalau mau membeli, tidak perlu pilih yang mahal, mata pisaunya aja yang penting.

kak emila,
thanks for ur comment! sekarang saya rasa lega. hehe.

i plan to carve another one for rani, juz to give her option. the design is much more complicated, but i wanna give it a try. thanks for ur comment, sekarang saya pasti ia adalah cupcake!!

hi ciyou,
yes, rani's bakery product is cupcake, cakes and bisuits. she don't sell bread. don't forget to share ur stamps later k! have fun with ur new camera!

Marvic said...

the first one looks more like cupcake rather than an ice cream and YES...I love the first sketch...

Faisal Admar said...

wow! good job but yes like you said... i thought it was an ice cream when i saw it...

Tammy a.k.a Miu said...

i e-mail u on the 6th september, hope u got it :(

i like to have my own cute stamps made too! pls design one for me? or i must submit a design.. not sure.

i like stickers too!!!!

XD waiting for your reply..