Tuesday, 22 July 2008

More Handcarved Stamps

Since the past two weeks, I've been wearing only jeans and t-shirt to office with absolutely nothing on my face. I spare no time for ironing my blouse and some of them are a bit tighter nowadays, so having less choice, I might repeat wearing a shirt just after it get dried on a hanger. Ironing is only for scarves and my husband's shirts. I carry my black jacket almost everyday, as it helps me to look a bit neater when necessary, rather than just looking like somebody going to market. I sacrifice the time for self-attention and sometimes spend too much on my artsy interest and stamp-making.
Above are some of my latest handcarved stamps.


rizal said...

Wah mango...

ni memang dah namanya OTAKU -

huhu, syabas... aiyoooo.. ni jeles tahap maksima dah tgk niii semua..



♥Carol♥ said...

hi rizal :)..
hi manggis :D ..
hehe that one is mine kan?
lalala cant wait to play wit it

mangosteenskin said...

hi rizal...
ya memang dah tahap ketagihan dah ni...haha!

jangan jeles2...mari bikin rubber stamp sama2. hehe.

hi carol,
yes, that cute girl with daisy is yours! hope u like it! hehe.

Ciyou said...

woh~~ that was just too lovely~~ Ur skills are prefect and so detail.

What tools u use to carve ur stamps? are there the same as mine??

Antown said...

mango.. rubber stamp-nya gimana cara buatnya?

Saharil said...

wah.. cute and super cool!..


'urusan blogger blogger'? urusan apa tu? hehehe..

mangosteenskin said...

hi ciyou!
i made a post about my tools! hope it helps!

hi antown!
hm...cara buatnya...tidak susah, yang penting ada pisau yang cukup tajam dan tangan juga harus "steady" bila memotong. sila lawat http://blogdelanine.blogspot.com/search/label/handcarvedstampstutorial

disitulah saya belajar mengukir pemadam! selamat mencuba antown!!

hi saharil!
saya sebenarnya mendapat inspirasi drpd "urusan seri paduka baginda yg dipertuan agung"...ya, urusan blogger2 juga tidak kurang penting kan? contohnya bila ada aktiviti swap.

Baizurah said...

Hi Milan... I got to salute you for being able to carve such beautiful stamps! You see I've been trying to carve some stamps... and because I am such a klutz I always end up carving my hands too hehe :P So I know how hard it is... that's why I want to salute you!

mangosteenskin said...

hi baizurah!

thanks so much for the salute *blush*. practice makes perfect. if u keep on practising, i'm sure one day u'll be able to produce ur own stamps too!

don't give up.