Wednesday, 23 July 2008

My Carving Tools

People have been asking me the tools that I use to carve my stamps. They're art knife and wood carver (see above pic). And the stamp? It is just ordinary eraser. Yes, the same one like you have in your pencil case.

I just start to use the wood carver a couple of week ago when I start to receive custom made orders, just to make the removal of the outside area of an image a little bit faster. But without the wood carver, the art knife alone can still do everything. The knife has a few different type of blade, but the one that u see in the picture is good enough for me.

Yesterday, my husband told me to wait in the car as he need to meet someone at the person's site office. He did not tell me the meeting would take so long (maybe he also don't expect that). I waited about an hour an half in the car, and I tried so hard to be patient and restrain myself from turning on the aircond (fuel is so expensive nowadays, remember?) I tried to occupy myself with some sketching job for my recent orders. My neck and lower back start to ache and I felt like having a sauna eventhough the windows were widely opened. I could get moody anytime, but I tried to be rational and took out the knife and an eraser instead.

The above stamp is the one that I did in the car yesterday.


fun fliffy said...

oooohhh cantik2 betullah stamp ni
hehe lovely mango !! mmg halus betul seni mango..fliffy suka semua...amazingly done !! happy fun day !!! tcre ok ok

Antown said...

hi mango..
saya kok susah ya cari penghapus (eraser) yang ukurannya besar?

teknik membuat tipografi supaya bagus gimana? (seperti tulisan "carol"??)

Saharil said...

mangosteenskin, where do you get the colourful ink/ stamp pad from?

Ciyou said...

Thanks for posting this post~~ I have the wooden carve tool which comes with other 6 carve tools that I brought during high school. It also have a knife beside it.

mangosteenskin said...

hi fliffy!!
thanks. mmg sekarang saya asyik mengukir pemadam saja. tak menyempat2 nak melukis.

hi antown,
ya memang sukar mencari penghapus yang besar. kerana itu saya pakai saja apa yang ada, kalau besar pun akhirnya harus dipotong juga. tipografi itu buat di komputer saja, nanti trace dan pindahkan ke atas pemadam. memang kerjanya banyak, tp kena sabar. kadang2 saya tulis terus di atas pemadam.

hi saharil!
wah, seronoknya jumpa saharil kat sini! ink kaler2 itu di beli di craft haven dan kinokuniya, KL.

hi ciyou!
u're welcome. have fun carving!

zany said...

orang seni ni memang berbakat, saya tidaklah berbakat buat benda2 ni. Cantik je saya lihat, paling suka color2 tu.

bluecrystaldude said...

I have a box full with eraser from my days back in school. I should have give it to you rather than just throwing it away. Hehe

Genxster said...

Your stamps are great! Nice to see the tools you are using.

mangosteenskin said...

helo zany,
thank u sebab singgah dan komen!

hey dude,
kecik tapak tangan, nyiru saya tadahkan. hahahahaha.

thanks for dropping by! nice to see u here.

Hee said...

hey~~just read your blog. i m interest in carve stamp quite a long time. may i know where did you buy the wood carver because i have found it quite a long time >.<