Saturday, 26 July 2008

Mangosteenskin Stamps' New Look

Since a couple of months ago, I've been begging my husband to take me to wood factory and hardware shop. I still can't drive. I keep on delaying and avoiding my JPJ test because I'm still unable to overcome my fear of driving on the highway.

Yesterday my husband had a safety inspection at a fabricated steel factory. There's a wood factory at the same area, so he just dropped me by the road side and I walked myself to the factory that he suggested.

This morning, we went to his friend's hardware shop and I bought myself a small, cute handsaw. I'm smiling and can't stop talking all the home because I'm so happy and can't wait to test my new tool.

My handcarved rubber stamps now come complete with wooden backings. I couldn't believe myself, holding something which only existed in my head before. Months ago, I don't even know that I could carve. To my own amazement, I found myself can carve quite well, atleast on erasers. Seeing these completed rubber stamps, I feel satisfied as everything is worth the effort. Once again, it's worth trying, even if it's something totally "alien" in our lives.


Emila Yusof said...

That is so neat! You're very talented. I salute you for going to the extend to complete your stamps with the wooden backings! Bravo!

rizal said...

Syabas mango..

i think you really find your "forte"

I dont think i ve come across many Malaysian sites which show hand-craved rubber stamps as part of their contents.

That wooden block really finishes it. It looks great..

Keep on carving ya.. You rawkkk girl! whoaho!

pupu-sketch said...

wahhh so busy yah. lots of carving you do. bnyak receive commission ek.You know what the stamps sudah arrive. but i feel guilty because i haven't pay you yet. i don't even use it till i pay you first. hmm.. worry worry.


Antown said...

lucu ya, kalo kecil gitu..??

Ciyou said...

Looks like commercial stamps to me~~ Bravo~~

mangosteenskin said...

hi kak emila,
alang2 bikin stamp, biar sampai complete. thanks!!

hi rizal,
thanks. it's really satisfying as everything is handmade, sampaikan potong kayu pun sendiri. tak lama sebelah tangan berotot, huhu.

hi pupu,
memang agak sibuk, tp nak kata tempahan banyak, x juga. eh sudah sampai? wah, pupu belum test lagi? i hope u can use the stamps well, as saya x sempat buatkan wooden backing untuk pupu punya tempahan hari tu. untuk stamp yg besar2, kalau x ada backing kena practise lah macaman nak dapatkan "chop" yg rata. soal payment tu, card pun belum sampai2, bank dah call hr tu kata nak hantar.

eh, enjoy your orientation week ya.

helo antown,
apa yang lucu? gergaji itu? comel dong. saya suka sekali.

Baizurah said...

Wahhhh... I don't know what to say.... let's just say you have reached Rubber Stamps Otaku Nirvana hehehehe so cute!

mangosteenskin said...

hi baizurah,
hahahahahaha, i like that! Rubber Stamps Otaku NIRVANA!!! Thanks!! I hope it can be real.

Faisal Admar said...

omg! those sharp things..!
those wood suppose to be hard right?
how do you carve?

bluecrystaldude said...

Hey, nice casing! So clean and neat.. You may not have the license yet, but still have a hand for crafting. Both erasers and woods! :D

ina_ixora said...

salam mango..
sy ada tbaca artikel ttg rubberstamps kt utusan today..blh bgthu cmne cara utk tempah rubberstamps ni?sy berminat la..