Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Real Clip Art

Clipped Art

I like art but I like it more if I could turn it into something functional. I'm hoping that I could produce more of these clips for sale. I'm using my original little paintings here. What you see in the picture is just my 6 initial attempt. They make fancy bookmarks and perfect gifts for friends and family, especially those who still studying or enjoy reading.

Thanks to Kak Ida for the tutorial on making altered paperclips.

I'm thinking of turning my hobby into bussiness. For months I've been monitoring certain websites like Zazzle, GCU and Etsy but I can't proceed with Paypal account as I don't have credit card. While my application still in process, I would like to try my luck marketing my products locally and see how it goes before attempting to go further.

I would be very happy if I could sell paintings but for the moment, I don't have the passion to produce large artworks. Apart from being calculative about the amount of money I have to invest for the material, I assume that I still have a lot to learn, thus I still need a lot of practice to sharpen my skill (and time management) before I'm ready to jump into large size of canvas. I'm okay if you want to call me "little-painting-artist". Haha.

Please don't ever hesitate to drop me any comments. I appreciate each of your comments and support.


fun fliffy said...

ello mango,, love it tooooo cute
TFS ida is really one talented lady..

AbGJaS said...

Hi Mangosteenskin,
As far as i can see, you have a long list of products now..
Posters, mini posters, rubber stamps, stickers etc...and clip arts being the latest.

I think you could also personalised ur drawings according to customers request.

And to get attention, u need a lot of promotions around the blogsphere.

mode of payments? Follow e-bay and lelong..

Gud luck mangosteenskin.

mangosteenskin said...

thanks fliffy.
yes, kak ida is creative and talented. I enjoy visiting her blog.

hi abgjas,
i have more products i'm working on at home. but usually after i made a piece or two, then i move on to new stuffs to try. you know lah, it's hobby kan. but slowly, i'll try to put them up here from time to time. so i'm looking forward to hear my dear readers' respond. honest comments is most welcomed. :)

yes, i do want to try making personalized drawings for customers. i'm new but i'm willing to try.

Emila Yusof said...

Good for you, Manggis!

Well, for a start you do not need to have a credit card to apply for PayPal. You can also apply using debit card. I use AmBank debit card to register for Paypal. You can also use Public Bank debit card.

For withdrawal, you can only withdraw to VISA credit/debit card. In this case, I use Al Rajhi debit card. I can't withdraw to AmBank as it is a Mastercard. And I can't use Al Rajhi to become verified members because Al Rajhi does not established a connection with PayPal yet.

So overall, I use two debit cards for the who PayPal thingy. The process took me over 2 months but I'm glad it's all over and can benefit from it now.

rizal said...

salam mango,

i think that is a great idea. Knowing that you have now a great collection of varied styles. I agree you should try and market them to see how things are going.

Those clip arts are marvelous i say..


Ciyou said...

if u want to have a paypal account, go apply public bank debit card instate, so u can withdraw money as an ATM card, if u attach with credit card, there are extra charges if you redraw money from it

remain.anonymous said...

Ahhh .. a very good idea. Change your hobby into a business. :D Have a try. You wouldn't know maybe your business can be a big one. hehehe.We will be waiting for the good news. ;)

hahaha. a little-painting-artist. That sound so cute Mango!!

♥Carol♥ said...

my fav the 3 lollies tu ...nyum nyum rasa mo makan saja tengok... ur paper clips so cute.... thanks for sharing wit us here mangis :)..neway salam kat pickle ya hehe...

from miri wit luv,

mangosteenskin said...

I'm so touched with all your comments, and feel lucky to have supportive peeves like you guys.

oh kak emila,
thank you so much for the tips. Ya, i'm still in process of getting debit card. i hope everything will go smoothly.

hi rizal,
if we never try, we never know right? so now i'm giving myself a try. as u've mentioned to me before, alang2 blogging biar jadi duit. wakakaka.

hi ciyou,
thank you so much for the tips. U have a point there. :) useful info.

helo pupu,
haha. my hubby always complaint why all my drawings are small. it's not that i dont want to make big ones, but big drawings sometimes take days to complete. so i came out with the idea of "little-painting-artist". kecil pun kecil lah.

hola carol,
i love the candies too. after i finished drawing it, i show it to my hubby and asked him, "please guess what flavour is this one (pointing at the left one)". He said, "apple"-->i'm thinking of citrus flavour when i drew it. Haha.

"the right one?", i asked again. "strawberry". <---actually i want it to be grape. Haha.

"middle one?", final question.

"campur-campur (mixed)", he said.

"no....this is the candy from kungfu hustle movie". Hahahahaha. I don't know the flavour.

Megat Eusofe said...


megat dah link page http://mangosteenskin.blogspot.com



terima kasih

Faisal Admar said...

Good idea! I will support you 100%

Love to see a friend/blogger to start a business :)

They are sooo cutee!

shahril aley said...

dont give up sis

i believe u can do better than this

hopefully 1 day u'll become a successful artworks businesswoman :)