Wednesday, 20 August 2008

ATC Swap: Peaceful Places

The deadline is 30th August and I only manage to create one card for this theme. I have to send my beloved "Paddy Field" to accompany my newest ATC, "Green Pond" to US, thus I need to send them earlier to allow posting period. Eventhough the host already stated every participant must send 3 cards but luckily she understands and allow me to send only 2 cards. This means I will get back only 2 cards in return.

Green Pond

I'm not sure if Green Pond is the perfect title for this ATC, but the title is given in a rush at the post office. I jot down the title last minute, just before I seal it in plastic cover and into the envelope. The view is based on a photograph derived from a book entitled "Tropical Retreat".

Paddy Field

I have post this ATC in my older entry and some of you may have seen it, I made this ATC for myself and never intend to include it in any trading. It was displayed on top of the fridge for quite some time, and my last minute decision has left an empty spaces on my favourite display spot. But I'm neither sad nor regret, cause I know it will be safe in the hand of someone who knows how to appreciate it.

I received a message from Moses (the host for Singapore swap), telling me that my Singapore set cards have arrived safely in his hand, it's just that it arrives the next day after the "ATC on Parade" exhibition ended. Haha. I'm now convince that registered airmail is the safest and most reasonable option to deliver anything internationally. It may not the fastest mode of delivery but, still reliable. Upon delivery, the receiver required to sign as proof of acceptance and in case the mail unable to be sent to the receiver or the receiver fail to collect it within 15 days, it'll be returned back to the sender. To those who enjoy swap activity, remember to choose registered snail mail okay!


bluecrystaldude said...

Even though both ATC were not done by the same time, both of them looks incredible. It has the same feel and look. Love both of them :D

rizal said...

mango.. suka itu ATCs

memang nampak tenang dan damai serta membangkitkan bibit2 rasa suasana kampung.