Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Helo everyone!!! To those who expecting for my mail regarding sticker and stamps order, I apologize as I've been a bit busy outside the office lately.

As far as i could remember, I guess it has been more than a year since the last time I really follow my hubby to actual work site. It's obviously not me who carry all those heavy scaffolding frames but I do offer some help for passing tools, equipments or drinks. Observing and photographing the work procedures and progress are also part of my job. Sometimes it requires a person who is not actually involved with the work to see any possible working hazard. After all, this gives me on-site experience which is undeniably essential when it comes to preparing work-progress or safety report. We can't learn everything from reading and always, the best teacher is through experience. And speaking of experience, I did have a try working as scaffolder. I did carry and stack the scaffolding frames, tighten or loosen the coupler's nut while others hold the BS1139 tube in place (this is where i learn how to use ranchet), climb up to 10-storey high scaffolding to perform window-glass cleaning, etc. It's not that I really become a scaffolder, but I'm glad for the taste of experience. I respect those who willing to work long hours under the hot sun, standing and carrying heavy stuffs all day long. I can't even bear to touch the metal scaffolding or tools as they're very hot after hours exposed to sun. Sometimes I pity the construction workers as they work two-or three times harder than ordinary people for small pay.

I'll look forward to be back at the office and carving and drawing again. For the meantime, I just want to share with you some photos of our work at le Meridien Hotel!! Say "Hi, Mango!", if you happen to pass by!!
Setting up to erect higher

Drilling - allowed by the hotel management from 9am-5pm only, so we're chasing time.

My hubby was testing the equipment setting and rope system.

Lifting up the 180kg catching platfrom.

Erecting the scaffolds on the catching platfrom.


bluecrystaldude said...

You know what, I actually wanted to be on those construction site someday. Of course, it must not be a day too hot for my skin to bear. haha. God I am talking like a girl. Anyway, I don't like to burn up my skin either..

Yeah, we sometimes feel pity on how low construction workers salary, but that is the different for jobs that paid you for the work strength rather than high level of intellectual capability. Nevertheless, it is a job that require skills. I am not sure if you could get a master or degree holder to do those construction jobs on site without proper skills, am I right?

Oh, and I love those pictures!

Soulie said...

wow tough job and cool pictures!