Friday, 24 October 2008


I suppose, it is our fault for letting Free and Ben play outside when we off to work. They are not grounded because we train them to wait for us at the doorstep and poo outside.We know pets can't take care of themselves, but we just don't want to be overprotective --- certain things should be kept natural.

Last Tuesday, when we reached home, Free was alone and Ben was nowhere in sight. I grabbed a torchlight and searched for Ben in the neighborhood, knocked on neighboor's door and looked in the ditches and bushes. Some neighboors told me they saw few kids holding a kitten earlier that evening. The description sounds so much like Ben. There you go, me and my CSI-style interogation . Hehe.

We suspect that Ben was kidnapped. I made a quick sketch (we don't have Ben's picture yet) and create some missing-kitten-posters. I am hoping to get cooperation from the parents, just in case the kidnapper is one of their children. Guess what, just now I received a phone call from our front neighboor saying that she saw Ben in front of our house!! I can't wait to get back home. Somebody must have returned him! Whoever you are, thank you (anyway)!

Whatever it is, I must see the cat first to make sure it is really Ben. Relax, don't get excited yet.


bluecrystaldude said...

My cat once hilang kena culik gak.. sedih gila.. huhu.. She so cute. White fluffy fur and ekor kontot. hehe..

Faisal Admar said...

omg! my cat ewok kena culik once for a week. malam raya balik. rasa macam anak balik raya pula!

Baizurah said...

My cat Tomas is gone. I dunno who kidnapped him, I hope that person is a good person who loves cats.

I had a nervous breakdown when Tomas went missing. I am not build to raise cats - just too emotionally fragile. Haha. Funny but honestly I can't handle another missing cat.

rizal said...

wah semua kat sini pun ramai juga yang "cat lovers.."

harap ben dah jumpa yerr.. :)

khemy said...

ok lagi, ada orang hantarkan..
but in cheras baru, the stray dogs eat the cats, strayed or pet. Shocking or not. Ben (sama ek nama)had been snatched and eaten by dog in front of our house. Sad or not. My MIL so sedih cried for few days. Now we have Chom (kucing pondan), Rafej (yes, as in Ruff-Edge the group), Soliyano, Kaka, MJ (Mary-Jane) and Tom the black cat. All except Chom (MIL sweetheart) and Kaka were strayed cats adopted by us. Now we keep our front gate closed all the time. If I see the dog again, I whack him!
Panjang or not my comment. hehe..sorry..