Saturday, 4 October 2008

Double Life

Our Raya celebration had been simple. I only bought few jars of cookie at Bazaar Ramadhan and guess what, half of the jars have been emptied a week before the arrival of Syawal by only the two of us. My hubby is trying to quit smoking so he keep looking for something to munch to substitute cigarettes. But me,I am just an Eating Machine. Oh no!!!

Speaking of Double Life, it is the theme of an ATC drawing contest held in Illustrated ATCs. It could be anything about your secret side, or whatever you imagine yourself to be. I manage to submit my entry just a few hours before the closing time. This is my first time of entering such online contest and now until 15th October is the voting period. If you happen to be a member of Illustrated ATCs, you wouldn't mind helping me by voting my card, would you? I'm crossing my fingers to win the prize, though it is just a set of 12, Prismacolor watercolor pencil is in my wishlist. As usual, you need to become a member to vote but unfortunately this is a juried site, means membership is not automatic. You need to have at least 10 hand-drawn or painted art pieces in a gallery for the art panel to view before they can approve your membership.

Not many participates in the contest, perhaps the prize is not attractive enough as some of the members are professional artist, illustrators, designers and experienced art hobbyist as well. To non-members, I am unable to provide you the link of the poll or the gallery as it requires a login to enable contest thread view. However, I hope you enjoy looking at the submitted entries. Some illustrate themself as a TV ghost researcher looking at a night vision camera, a purple vampire sucking coke from a can, hot secret agent, elegant cat queen, novel book heroine, harajuku doll, etc. I just draw my Mangosteen Fairy sitting by the window of her Mangosteen House, combing her long green hair. At the moment, my card is voted second highest behind KreationKween72.


rizal said...

Yeah, i remembered chatting with you on YM about it..
but ironically, i didnt join. huhuhu..

Manggo, nak vote, tapi tak jumpa kat seksyen mana dia letak dalam blog dia.. ni pun tgh godek2 kat mana tempat dia..


dah jumpa.. huhuhu..

done...!! udah pilih..

mekasih.. hihi

bluecrystaldude said...

Giler ar.. Some of it looks creepy! Haha.. I hope you win it :D

Faisal Admar said...

good luck mango! hehe.