Saturday, 4 October 2008

I Hope You Miss Rubberstamp Story

I know I still owe some stamps and stickers. I want to apologize for being silent for quite some time. The truth is, all my ideas stucked in the form of sketches and doodles in my sketch book. Life has been quite hectic and I barely have time to sit and concentrate on drawing. There should not be any problem if you just order stamps as I can carve the stamps according to my sketches or images that you send to me, but for stickers and business cards, I have to depend on hand-drawn piece of work. The disadvantage of hand-drawing are, it is almost impossible to undo any mistake and without a good photo editor, it is difficult to produce a satisfying outcome. It is possible, hence there is a long list of limitations.

Believe it or not, I only have Picasa, Microsoft Office Picture Manager and Microsoft Office Publisher to edit my photos and design my stamps and sticker and whatever my customer request me. I have PC and notebook but both need to be upgraded before I can install whatever software that I might need. I am really into these kind of things these days but my hubby do not agree with the idea of investing in new PC or laptop. Well, I hate to argue, but it is also hard to avoid from complaining. Both my PC and laptop's current RAM is only 256MB. Can you believe that? Can you believe that?! Even surfing the net or bloghopping cause me plenty of time staring blankly at the monitor, trying to be patient with this "tortoise". And my handphone...I am still using my 4 years old Nokia 1110 but I never complaint about the phone because of its sentimental value. Yeah, eventhough I am way out of date.

So during the fasting month, I made few attempts to draw cakes and cupcakes and tarts and biscuits, as most of the pending orders are for home-bakery. Unfortunately, I am a bit dismotivated, again and again I made mistakes that cannot be undone so everytime I fail to produce a pleasant drawing, I quit.

Recently, somehow I felt an urge to challenge my creativity using whatever limited resources I have. With zero expectations in mind, I began doodling, copying and pasting in Microsoft Office Publisher and mouse. I spend almost 6-7 hours sitting in front of the computer in the office. The colorful cake is still pending for Ita's approval. The finished stamps later should look like the black and white picture on the right.

Meanwhile, photos below are the stamps that I finished just before Ramadhan. These stamps are not designed by me. The image of girl wearing scarf/tudung is a famous character of an Islamic children's comic, Ana Muslim as requested by Kak Sha; one for her and one for her best buddy, Kak Lina. They both are teachers, scrappers and papercrafters. I purposely place the 2ocent coins in the picture for size comparison.

The Panda stamps was ordered by Soulie. Guess what, remember Bem69? The first runner-up in We are All Geeks card design contest organized by Foldees? He is the one who design this Panda for Soulie. My job was just adding the words on the left side of the panda. Unfortunately, according to Soulie the Panda stamp has already been damaged by...suspected nephew and niece before she is able to test the stamp. She requested me to carve another one before Raya, but sorry Soulie....seems like your new panda need to wait Raya holiday to end before I can send it off k.

Last but not least, here are the tags made from my ATC paper leftovers created using their stamps' image.


rizal said...

Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir Batin. Kirim salam sama abang din.

Patut laa senyap je. rupanya sedang sibuk berbagai-bagai ya..

Great work all of them..

Well, mango, if the opportunity knocks, just grab a new computer.. or upgrade your ram, if they still sell like.

Tapi tu la, komputer baru ram tinggi boleh jimat masa.

Rizal masih lagi guna lappy tahap teknologi 3 tahun lepas.. Tapi nasib baik sempat tambah ram ke 768. Sekarang ram jenis ni pun tak jual lagi. :)

p/s: kueh raya ada lagi ka?

Letizia said...

Your rubber stamps are simply wonderful!

Shinade said...

oh my everything is simply beautiful. you do such a lovely job.

Selamat Hari Raya....belated but from my heart.

I hope you had a wonderful time!!

Ciyou said...

beautiful~~ I am waiting for more of your great tasks

bluecrystaldude said...

I kinda miss all your rubber stamps :D I love the 'gula and mentega'!

Well, for your computer, there are lots of those computers that are cheap yet reliable and good for the long run. I am sure you could find one that suit you in your area. Besides, 256MB is a tad too slow. Hehe.. Even my laptop has a RAM of 2GB. Hehehe

Faisal Admar said...

omg! they are totally cute!

bem69 said...

Great work you did with your Panda, unfortunately I never got to see it. Soulie's my fiancee by the way, so its not a coincidence heheh. Hope to see (and touch) the new one soon.

Emila Yusof said...

great work, manggis!

mangosteenskin said...

helo rizal,

kuih raya ada lagi...susut perlahan2, berkadar songsang dengan penambahan berat badan. haha.

ya rizal...i believe i can develop more of my creative side dan lebih maju dalam blogosphere kalau ada computer yg lebih laju. huhu.

Emila Yusof said...

Manggis, seelok-eloknya kenalah melabur untuk pc yang baik sikit. You can do so many things with the latest version. Takpelah...kalau husband tak nak belikan, Manggis kumpul duit sikit2 dan beli, ok.

Baizurah said...

I have the Eyelet Puncher too! I can't believe we're buying the same thing!

You know my Eyelet Puncher have two function... there's a hole puncher on top and an eyelet puncher at the bottom. I was trying to punch a hole into my 15 pages assgment one day and forgot all about the Eyelet puncher at the bottom ... 15 pages is quite thick and I was punching very very hard and I got my index finger at the bottom of the Eyelet Puncher ... Ouch!

I am very accident prone. I am more careful with my eyelet puncher nowadays.