Monday, 6 October 2008

Signed by Meclarmuj

I remember I left one drawing together with some of my old stuffs under a bed at my sister's house. It is an unfinished one. The last time I saw the drawing, I thought someday I am going to finish it, frame it, and maybe hang it in the kitchen of my future house.

The drawing is special as, it was my first (and last, so far) attempt to draw still life. I remember it was a week or two before final examination, but after class, me and my best friend, Anizan went to town by bus. I do not remember for what reason, but most probably to get paper and ink to print our thesis. Before going back, I bought some apples, pears, tomatoes and apple flavoured bubble tea. I thought these would be a healthier choice of snack to help me stay up doing revision at night.

Back in our second floor room, me and my junior roommate, Hasrah tried to study but we ended up chatting. She was actually my former classmate taking the same course during my first year, but she dropped out in the second year. She continue studying somewhere else and when I was in final year, she was accepted to re-enter the university again, but for different course.

She slept early that night because she did not want to disturb me. But after she went to bed, I arrange the fruits, tomato and canned drink on the table and start drawing. I used 12 pieces Luna colored pencils. I bought the short one as that was all I can afford that time. In fact, I still keep the same box of color until today.

During recent visit to my sister's house, I saw the drawing sticked on the wall using cellophene tape in my teenage nephew's room. At the bottom right, I signed "Meclarmuj"--- a rarely used initial. I decided to just leave the drawing there cause it feels so unright to take it back. Deep in my heart, I am proud. No posters, or artist's pin-ups...but my drawing in a young man's room.


rizal said...

It is good i must say. Mango, you have not failed to surprise me with all your artsy crafty stuffs, especially when you consider yourself as self-taught artist.

But, i am sure, the feeling must be rewarding and satisfying knowing that your hand-made drawing sticked on a young boy's room.

Untuk itu, syabas restnrileks ucapkan. Whoaho!

p/s: it s been a while since i last drew still-life. :)

Faisal Admar said...

beautiful. i love this picture so much. did you do your study after the drawing session? =p

bluecrystaldude said...

Wah.. That's so cool~ You don't even take the painting off even though there is lot of memories in it :)

mangosteenskin said...

helo rizal,

i myself was suprised to discover what i can do. how true kan? we never know what we capable of until we take time to try.

yes rizal, it is satisfying. Thanks so much to restnrileks.

mangosteenskin said...

helo faisal,

Nope...i stopped drawing around 5-6am. My roommate shook her head when she woke up.

mangosteenskin said...

helo bluecrystaldude,


you know what, i still think it must be great if i could finish the drawing. maybe i should take it back, finish it, frame it and give it to him as a gift. i know he likes drawing too.

fun fliffy said...

salam cik mango,,
love reading ur entries
and thanks for the raya wishes
salam aidilfitri jua
i still on lazy holiday at home
will start to work next week
arrrghh so malasla these days

the rss dollies are tooo cute]
have to have one soon

tcre :)

Emila Yusof said...

Nice drawing!