Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Safety Vest for Free

Free is watching at his brothers, Noko (a civet) and Kontot (a squirrel) in their cages. Free likes to hang out here sunbathing and chatting with his brothers.

"Did you just.... call my name?"

While the entire house has gone to bed, I'm still up and busy sewing a safety vest for Free. The surrounding was so silent making the sound of my sewing machine so loud. This is just a simple sewing project, very little skill is required but I took the whole night long to finish it. I use a doggie jacket pattern from the internet and modify it a bit to suit our cat. Cats are not as obedient as dogs when attached to string, but I put a ring on the back anyway, so the vest can also doubled up as harness whenever necessary. I took the reflector band out of our company's old uniforms and sew it on Free's vest for visibility especially when we take him out for night walking. For addition, I am planning to sew a lable on the inside with telephone number so people can always contact us if he ever get lost.

Oh! Have I told you that we only have one cat left? The last time my hubby walk the cats alone, Ben and Free had gone missing. According to him, the cats just suddenly dissapear into the darkness and didn't show up when he called their names. I don't remember what keeping me occupied that night, but I remember I was in front of the computer until my hubby asked me to help him search for our lost cats. It is not unusual that they got distracted by the sight of other cats or people, or scared by passing by cars, motorcycles or dogs. Many times, the cats might stop following us and follow the back of strangers. That is just our hypothesis of how these cats suddenly dissapear that night. Free showed up in front of the house 4 days later, looking tired and thirsty. Ben? Only God knows his faith as he never return until today. This is one of the reasons why I pushed myself to finish a safety vest for Free so we can take him for outings with less to worry. Ohya! Notice that red collar with pink bell Free is wearing? My stepdaughter, Ica laugh at him for wearing pink bell but he seems to like it very much! Ever since we put the collar on him, he often caught gazing himself infront of the mirror!!! I will bear in mind to take his photo if I caught him doing that again.

Meanwhile, Free has been unwell since the pass 5-6days. He lost his appetite and also losing his voice. This morning we took him for his last shot of 3 days course of antibiotic at Skinner's Clinic, where my friend Mary Grace and her mom work. According to Mary, Free was caught by Cat Flu and luckily we bring him to the clinic before the flu got worse. I think it's a little bit funny when Mary said Free is having sore throat that's why he's losing his "Super Meow". Silly me, ingat manusia je ke kena sakit tekak, hehe. Cat Flu can spread among cats or other animal of same family, so it is best to get your cat vaccinated to make sure they stay healthy and have the best in their social life. Free is scheduled to be vaccinated this coming Monday, so if we need to bath him, Sunday is the last day to do so as after vaccination, he will not be allowed to take bath for 7 days (that's what we were told). From the clinic, I straightly go to office and bring Free along. He is now, sleeping safe and sound on the chair, in his striking safety vest his mommy made for him. Meoww!!

p/s: I had a great time watching Bolt recently. If you haven't watched it, you should. In my case, Free is my Bolt. Wakaka!


Baizurah said...

Melan, it's too cute!!!!!!! Your cat is so sporting. My cat would have a fit if I put her in that thing! I think your cat deserve an award for being so cool. Send my regard to Free.

Anyway, I feel sorry for Free... mesti dia rasa macam budak kampung yang kena kasi nama Gitom or Gurangak... hehe... Free's name is so... kesian. :p But I am sure Free felt loved with all the attention you gave! :p

mangosteenskin said...

hi Jurah!
Naaah...he's very reluctance at the beginning, he looked down and embarassed everytime people stare at him. But now, i think he liked it after all the compliments! Like, he's thinking that he's the most handsome black male cat in the world. Haha. Ya, I think he's cool. And hot too, like fireman. Hihi.

There's a story behind his name, you know. I'll save the story for some other time. His name is so nice you have to say it twice---Haha! Ya, we use to call him FreeFree at home.

Baizurah said...

hahaha a name so nice you have to say it twice! hahaha Like MotoMoto hahaha in Madagascar 2! :p

Faisal Admar said...

1st, the pictures are awesome. great job mango :)

2nd, blot is so funny haha especially that little creature. i don't know what is that?

3rd, you treat your cat like a dog haha. this is not the first time i saw this scenario. i saw it like 5 years ago at my friend's house where his neighbor train the cats. yes it was not one cat of course. if i'm not mistaken they are 3 altogether. when he said sit, they sit and he fed them cat food. i was amazed. my jaw dropped! i'm sorry about you losing your ben. i do hope he will be coming home someday. we never know right? i'm amazed with your great effort for your cat vest. sewing it yourself really impress me! i'm not sure my cats are going to like it since they are on diet and always sleep in the house. lol. snap noko and kontot pic too please :)

mangosteenskin said...


haahahahaha...ya...madagascar. u know what. we watched it at the cinema recently but me n hubby fell asleep! (i was awake when Moto Moto say that part, haha!).

Baizurah said...

Madagascar 2 is so funny! I laughed like mad! You should definitely buy the DVD and watch it when you're not so tired... it's just so freaking funny.

By the way, I am so in love with your monkey! I am at work right now becoz have to jaga this bengkel at SST and I am trying to make a sock monkey to pass time! Haha...

I have to say... you're a trendsetter. First the ATC thingy then the rubber stamps and now this! I love all your art projects!

mangosteenskin said...

helo faisal,
1st, thanks.

2nd, u mean the hamster right? ya he's so funny!

3rd, hahahaha. Ya, Free is treated like a k9. My hubby is the animal trainer of the house. Maybe that is why Free behave well when we put on the jacket on him. We talked to him everyday eventhough we don't understand his reply. My hubby train him to climb the tree when given signal, and respond to command like--come here, sit, no, don't, stop, etc. He was punished when he do wrong especially if he poop inside the house. Free is very clever and fast learner, while Ben has been the opposite last time. But cats are just naturally playful and very curious kan?

mangosteenskin said...


Ya..i'm looking forward to own the DVD. You know what happened to us that day? We laugh, fell asleep, awake and laugh, fell asleep, awake and laugh...and fell asleep again. Hahahahaha. We escaped to Africa in our dreams. Hahahaha.

Oh Jurah, you are making sockmonkey now? Great! Share the pic of it once it's finished ya! I learned alot after my first sock monkey, in fact, i'm planning to make another sock monkey, and maybe a new one for Ica. Nda sampai hati mo kasi yang ada defect2.

Hehe, glad to know that my humble projects inspired you.

bluecrystaldude said...

Wah.. Free's safety vest even has glow in the dark strips. Hehe. I am lucky that my cat rarely went out from the house. Some might even suggest he is antisocial. Well, I never know cat could be antisocial too! LOL