Monday, 19 January 2009

Birthday Challenge : Stamp No.7 - 13

Happy Monday!

Sharing with you more stamps that I created on Friday and Saturday night.

7. Lolipop Plant

I was browsing through my messy sketchbook and saw some scribbles of lolipops. Suddenly, "TINGG!!". I got many emptied small pots, last time I used them to sow chilly, tomato and even strawberry on our balcony. Don't ask me about the strawberries, they never make more than 2 leaves while the chillies always gone before sun rise (because birds take breakfast earlier than us). Tomatoes? Don't ask me about the tomatoes. Now, let's plant some lolipop trees! This time, kill the ants first.

8 & 9 - Coffee Love

This kind of vintage pot reminds me of coffee, and coffee always reminds me of my mom. She makes the best coffee and let me share the secret *whispering*...."She put LOVE in the coffee"...shhh.

Cup and pot are carved separately so, they make two new stamps here.

10. Pot Plant

No coffee, no's sweet nectar inside. But I afraid this invention will force bee farms to be closed, and millions of bees will be unemployed.

11. In-vitro

Ahhha!...this one inspired by my final year project. We got hundreds of jars like this one in the lab. Gel is used instead of soil as the nutrient media. Each jar is labeled and when the culture is contaminated by any colony of fungus or bacteria, the plant will be disposed. In-vitro propagation is very sensitive and everything must be sterile. Each time we need to touch those bottles, we must wipe our hands with alcohol and burn the tips of each tools with bunsen burner. Oh! I miss the smell of ethanol and wearing my white coat again...Hm, for painting, maybe?

12. Love Terrarium

When I was 15, I made two terrariums using Horlicks bottle, planted with tiny plants I took from my mom's garden. I put it on the shelf of my room but I could hardly see the plants inside because the glass inner surface is heavily spoiled by water droplets. I guess photosynthesis managed to take place and the plants manage to survive for weeks (if not months). But, finally I threw them away. The bottles were hideous and they make my gloomy room looked even awful. No more attempts on terrarium again, until today.

13. Beansprout

The only reason I create this beansprout stamp is because, we had beansprout (taugeh) for lunch on Friday! Anyway, I love seedlings because they are such cute babies!

14 more stamps to go! Just leave comment in post labeled "birthday challenge" to win free personalized stamp from me. Winner will be selected randomly. If you notice, some stamps are already up for sale in my etsy shop!


Ciyou said...

Love the Pot Plant,In-vitro so much

You are so creative~~

mangosteenskin said...

Thank you Ciyou!

Bethany said...

oh my gosh, I LOVE your stamps!!!!!

Marvic said...

Is it difficult to make one? it seems that it is very difficult to make one kan....