Friday, 27 February 2009

Oren Sarsi

I drive an auto car and sometimes I drive with a bare-right-foot. Whataver it is, I'm so happy that I'm on the road now! I don't listen to music in the car, but I sing when I'm alone! And I sing loud!

It really ease my work as I don't have to commute by public transport or waste my time waiting to be sent or fetched anymore. Since last week I had been in and out of office because I'm trying to sell shoes!! Safety shoes, to be precise. If you are wondering, our company also supply safety and personal protective equipment. Hope that explains!

I'm grateful that I can draw, because by drawing a picture, I can save a lot of time to describe an item verbally. There was this request for quotation with no diagram or sample. The spect mentioned "tricoat" but since I'm unsure how a tricoat look, I called the lady from the procurement department to ask her if vest is what they mean. She said, "jacket". Ok, this can be confusing you know. To avoid quoting the wrong item, I made a sketch and showed it to them. This was the respond I received, "Yes, that's the one". Hohoho...luckily I didn't quote for jacket!Isn't this called "vest"? I scanned the sketch and labeled it with Microsoft Paint, and email it to our contact supplier right away. Today, a picture has made my job, that easy.

Ok..ok, these things might happen everywhere but have you ever heard of toothpaste being called "Colgate", no matter their brands are, and canned food other than sardin also called Sardin! I remember when I was 5, my grandmother told me and my brother to go to the shop and buy "Sardin Bilis". Hahahaha. Both are fishes but sardin is Sardin, and Bilis is Bilis! *(Bilis=Anchovy)

Another one, have you ever heard of "Oren Sarsi"? Hehe, this one probably endemic to Sabah.
Enjoy this conversation (at coffeeshop):
Father: Apa ko mau minum? (What do you want to drink?)
Kid: Oren (Oren=Orange..but she...ehem! he/she means any colored drink)
Father: Oren apa? (What kind of Orange?)
Kid: Pause.
Father: Oren merah (red orange?), atau oren biasa (or ordinary orange?)
Kid: Oren Sarsi (Sarsi Orange).

Hm...What do you think? Same thing happened to "jacket"?


Milkberry said...

Hehe the power of branding. Macam tupperware, kleenex, xerox, pampers jugak. i think even in the oxford dictionary these are accepted words for containers, tissue paper, photostat and diapers :D

But i've never heard of tricoat before. TM memang sengal kot. Ngengada lebih haha :P

CAHAYA said...

haha. Oren Sarsi. I know that one! Same goes with Maggi. Whatever the brands, the still call the curly mee as Maggi. hehe.

CAHAYA said...

And another one. Pendrive! When it first been introduced to public, any thumbdrive were called pendrive, although it's Kingston.

leonard said...

I agree Mango, I guess it's beacause we are too cultured in a way. Being a communication student and having worked in advertising b4, I find it not surprising. The power of advertising and association is very profound. We call all instant noodle Maggi and we say Pampers instead of yeah...I like ur story abt the Sardin Bilis...haha


mangosteenskin said...


Haha! I even google "tricoat" you know! And the result is about paint!

Eh! Google is also accepted in dictionary meaning searching something in internet, kan!

mangosteenskin said...


Ya! I forgot about Maggie and Pendrive! When new product emerge in the market while people still not familiar with it, your brand became the name of the product!

Same goes to Panadol!

mangosteenskin said...


Yes, I couldn't agree more. It's good to know that you're in advertising before.

bluecrystaldude said...

OREN SARSI! Hahaha.. I haven't heard about it! That's cool~ Oh, my family opted to Oral B. So, we rarely called toothpaste a Colgate. But lots of my friends are :)

Hi Mango~ *lambai2 tangan*

Bee said...

In Marketing it is called Brand Power. A Brand name so powerful that it identifies the product itself. Usually it happens to pioneering products like Maggi, Colgate, Pampers, Modest (because there's a brand of sanitary napkin called Modest a long time ago before we even existed)....

When I was in primary school, I have lots of friends with Bruneian descents and apparently they have their own name for Detergent, it's Omoh... I was pretty confused about omoh for a while, I asked my grandmother why they call it Omoh, she told me it's because there's this old Omo brand detergent a long long time ago... so the name just stuck. That's brand power!

Remember a long time ago there's this liquid paper brand called Blanko.... I still hear people refer to liquid paper as Blanko once in a while.... actually liquid paper is also not the correct term I call it out of habit. I believe the correct term is Correction Liquid / Pen

I think aku merapu sudah.

pupu said...

Hi Darl. :)

How are you.. :) oh the one you asked about the exhibition.. you can go to their website. You boleh join by sending your mail to them. Check out yah. And ohh.. i just remember the prize that i need to send to you. I keep on forgetting. Urghhh... So busyyyy.. with my schedule in uni.

adyx_nisaq said... funny..oren sarsi..kehkeh