Monday, 16 February 2009

A photo...

...speaks a thousand word.

So I hope these pictures will speak for me of how much I love going back to the place where I grew up.

The only blue (flower) I know.

Belong to the passion fruit tree.

Map of the road to my house. From the highway, 2km turn right.

Morning dew.

Smaller than my finger tip.

A black panther. Size reduced and domesticated by regurlar feed of cat biscuit.

Locally called "pokok duit-duit" (coin plant).

I climbed a tree for this shot.

Seedling! Looking cute and innocent.

Fungi. Before being ruined by my thoughtless hand.

Posing for my camera before he goes lalala.

Plenty of space to grow.

Holding me tight.
Sweet, and sour.


Saharil said...

ketawa besar saya bila part 'Posing for my camera before he goes lalala.' HAHAHA :)

♥Carol♥ said...

manggis :D.. wah cantik la smua gambar tu... bukan saja pandai melukis tapi tangkap gambar juga ...

Emila Yusof said...

great pictures, manggis! hati2 panjat pokok ya, nanti jatuh!

Wicked said...

Excellent macro work. I have seem them on Flickr too. Well done