Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Proud of My Chipped Edges

I enjoy making stamps for other people as much as I enjoy make one for myself. I love the carving and stamping-all-over-the-place process, but I am not that efficient when it comes to wood cutting. It is common that I spend more time on the mounting than the carving itself. Sometimes I have to make more than one trial just to produce a piece of wood for one stamp. For example, if the edges too rough it can't be fixed just by sand-papering, I have to toss it away and start making new one. However, I also think a slightly chipped edge, unperfect square or saw blade marks emblem the unique touch for things made by hand.

I have been resting from making stamp since September last year and below are the first few stamps that I manage to mount recently.
Custom made stamp for Gula dan Mentega.

Second eproduction of Soulie's panda stamp.

Custom made for RestnRileks.

Terrarium stamps. Sold to Bethany in US.

Batik Rooster. Sold to Jombolom in UK.

Safety First set for my personal collection. They may go to my etsy shop.


In case anyone aware of my Birthday Challenge post, I am regret to say that I am already beyond the deadline and still owing 8 more stamps to complete the challenge. Nevertherless, I will continue the quest and once I manage to complete it, I will select one person to receive a free personalized handcarved rubber stamp. The winner may choose one design of my existing single stamp featured in this blog or my etsy shop and add your own name to it, or a customized stamp of your name. I assure you the stamp will come complete with its wooden mounting. Simply leave comment in any post labeled "Birthday Challenge" and I will randomly select the winner later.


syntheticsoul said...

heheh... aku tak ingat b'day kau. tapi hepi belated b'day!

Just love your work!

phatelara said...

Hi Manggis! ;) O.o I want in! :):)

Anyway, I'm here to invite you to join my contest @ CraftNSwap. :):)

rizal said...


awesome and as usual.. great works and details..

love my restnrileks's stamp.. so, for the past few days.. i ve been busy stamping...chop chop chop on my students' design sketches...hehe

they like the stamp too.. :)

fun fliffy said...

salam cik mango...
missed u...sayang nak guna stickers y awak buatkan utk kite...hehehe tp dah byk tampal...ade kay hardisk..hp...notebook...hehehe...teruskan
berkreatif and love these yummys !!!

Marvic said...

i always like ur stamps...maybe I should order one from u soon :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ini mango! sekarang siapa-siapa pun boleh komen! sila...sila...

Bethany said...

Beautiful, and Bethany LOVES her Terrarium stamps. They stamp beautifully. I just made a tag with them. You did a fantastic job mouting them too. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!
Thank you again.