Monday, 30 March 2009

Two Hats

Spending some time with 7 years old Fatimah one evening, I made a quick sketch of her. She asked for some lipstick and butterfly earings. Doodle on top left, made by Fatimah.

In reality and to myself, I am two different persons. One is Mangosteenskin. And one is Not Mangosteenskin.

Recently, the "Not Mangosteenskin" was listed for an exam to qualify oneself for Post Graduate Teaching Course. I applied for Visual Art! I had mixed feelings when I found out that my name is on the list! Art is a subject that has never been in my profile before thus I can't imagine myself teaching art in school!

Read: I didn't make it to the exam. There's a stronger force pulling me away from that direction. But I guess when one attempt failed, there will still be one thousand other ways to follow our heart. I will continue being a Mangosteenskin, and find me here... please, anytime.

I would be busy being a "Not Mangosteenskin "this week. Hopefully I can wear my Mangosteenskin hat soon so I can work on some handmade rubberstamps.


si kurus said...

you have a great talent in art... i'm sure you will great teaching art:) good luck!

mangosteenskin said...

Dah termiss pun mtest tu skin...

Leonard said...

Hie mango, lama tak drop by here. U dun have to go for a test. U can open art workshop for small kids at home...during the weekend...tat'd be fun right? Since (i assumed these) u are into arts and suggestion la...hehe..cheers!

mangosteenskin said...

helo leonard,

Good suggestion! But I was just thinking of getting a secure job as a goverment servant, eventhough self employed is so much fun!