Sunday, 5 April 2009

Long Sunday Post

I just finished one important task in March, so I thought I would be able to concentrate working on stamps but then a bigger task came. I'm currently busy gathering information for an RFQ (request for quotation) and the tender's deadline is tomorrow! Yeyeh! Yeyeh! Yeyeh! But then again, I still have something to do with the company's account and two of its license renewal. NO! I'm not that smart for accounting thingy, just something to do with it. Argh!!! Macam ni bilalah baru ada masa buat stamp nih?!

Uh~ Oh~ I have an announcement to make~~ I received quite a number of enquiries regarding business cards, stickers and logo designs. Such an honor to me but I'm sorry to tell you that I will not be able to accept orders for these items for the time being. It would be inconvenience for both of us, because I can't concentrate with the design works...tak mau lah buat cincai-cincai, kualiti mesti dijaga...and of coz, I don't want to burden you with the long wait. Coz I really, really can't promise. These kind of job always takes extra time and we need to discuss the matters few times before we can decide the final design~~~so, considering my limited time for creative business, I got to narrow down to handmade stamp commision work only. Please accept my humble apology. Tapi, kalau berminat nak order stamps...BOLEH!! (Bolehlah...boleh! ~~terus nyanyi lagu Mas Idayu sambil tuang susu kacang dalam gelas).

Today I have to turn down a birthday party invitation, so my hubby went there alone because I said I want to do some mounting job. You have seen the sewing theme set (which have been carved maybe two weeks ago), but the three larger stamps (pic. below) I have been working on since Friday. By hook, or by crook, I said I must finish them today. So while the washing machine is working hard with the laundry, I am in the living room, cutting and smoothering the small wooden blocks.

Newly mounted stamps

Finally, I manage to mount these small stamps! Hey, they looked great in a set, kan?. One day I might produce more stamp set for sale (Hah! Dah mula dah angan-angan!).

Yang dalam gambar ni, Lilstitch punya.

Below is the stamp I designed for Lilstitchy. Saya sukalah nama Lilstitchy...lancar je nak sebut kan...macam Mangosteenskin panjang sangat!

Commisioned by Lian of Lilstitchy

I like this "Tengkiew" stamp so much... ordered by Cuda. She prepared the design, and I only modify her "awek" icon, supaya nampak macam gadis bertudung dan tak sebijon macam yang ori. If you have a ready made design, mungkin saya kena adjust-adjust sikit tapi tak perlu tunggu begitu lama untuk stamp siap...tengok stamp Cuda ni, simple tapi sweet sangat kan!

Commisioned by Cuda of Didaijauteeshop

I designed this owl stamp based on a pottery work I saw in Etsy. Sorry, I lost the link tapi macam tu lah ceritanya.
All the stamps are waiting to be sent to their owners, except the owl. Nampak macam hamper la pulak kan. Dalam sehari, saya belek stamp-stamp ini berkali-kali, dah penat-penat buat, rasa macam tak mau jual. Hehe. Kidding. Kidding. Kidding.

Waiting to be packaged and mailed.


Anasfadilah said...

im so loving ur owl! ur blgo will be in my frequent visit..:)

Izzat said...

hi there..
i loved your work so much, i actually gave stamp making a try. i'm curious, carving tool apa yg u guna ek? i saspek betul tengok those intricate details on your designs. :P

salam perkenalan.

mangosteenskin said...


saya pun! hairan ya, dulu kecil2 saya takut burung hantu, sekarang saya rasa ia comel!

mangosteenskin said...


Salam perkenalan juga!

View my carving tools here,

Ya..hanya dua benda itu.

izzat said...


ya. sangat wow.

anne jay said...

cute sangat..suker... bila agaknya leh dapat kita punyer erk..hehehe

mangosteenskin said...


practise makes perfect!

mangosteenskin said...

hi anne jay,


nanti kalau dah ada kabar berita saya kabarkan yek.

♥ Carol ♥ said...

hey hey manggis :).. apa kabar?
wah banyak sudah stamps collection ko nie and tempahan juga boleh tahan hehe.. keep up the good work.. nanti aku place order lagi utk stamp baru, boleh kan? tapi belum tau konsep dia lagi hehe...

FunNaDGreat said...


sgt nice!!!~

cane nk tempah ek?

i really intrested to have 1

mangosteenskin said...

helo carol...

ya...bulih bah. hehe. yang dlm gambar tu stamp yg ditempah. nampak ok sj kan. kalau yg buat untuk sendiri nampak mcm kurang kaseh sayang. Haha.

mangosteenskin said...


email ke alamat yg terpapar dekat header tu ya.

FunNaDGreat said...

emel ek?

ok ok!~


caffelatte/caffeaulait said...

Laaa ye kee? Pls add me in your waiting list' hehehe. Kak Nana want more stickers and rubberstamps lagie laa. Agak2 bulan berapa Cik Manggis free? LOL.

Soulie said...

cutenyerrr! love ur work as always :)

Maya said...


jelesnya tengok org punya.. i think you already forgot about me... huhu.. btw, can i make a new order?

email me at
thank you..

Anonymous said...


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