Saturday, 2 May 2009

Do You Know Her?

Perhaps you are wondering, who is the girl on top of Mangosteenkin's page? If you still don't know, she lives in a mangosteen fruit. No, not any ordinary mangosteen! Only the one that you find in this blog.

If you've been reading my blog since last year, maybe you know her.

Mangosteen Fairy is now 3D!

She is only at the size of a thumb, just as how I imagined her should be!

Her little wings are at rest!

She likes to hang out on top of the shelf in the living room, watching us watching TV, crafting and playing with the cat!


FarA said...

oh i miss Mangosteen Fairy!
and her eyes are wide open in 3D :D

Azlina Abdul said...

alalalala.....comelnyer! ;)

pupu said...

oohh so cuteee!! I like ur keychain and ur new carving stamp. Absolutely awesome. :)

CAHAYA said...

Cute la. The real and the one in the mangosteen. Both cute!

pupu said...

hi Mango! :D actually i study korean language for one year then next year i will begin to study my degree course for 4 years in Fine Art. hehe. And then makes me stay in Korea for a long time.

rizal said...

Olla mango,

huhu.. ohh! i miss your fairy. BTW, Miss Jha'leen kirim salam. lol.

Great to see that she is now on 3D! Brilliant. :)

Manggo, i think you should put a section / column (a pint topic) of all stamps (or customized) sold.

Ahh, still in love with mine.

Thinking of getting a new customized stamp for restnrileks too. Haha, jgn risau tentang design, tak susah punya. I will hola you once i set my mind up.

Happy weekend ya. :)

mangosteenskin said...

Helo Fara!!!

wah! dah lama tak nampak! since fara tukar ke dotcom i lost ur track! honestly, i am so unefficient, just like this mangosteen fairy, i made the figure since last year, and i almost throw her away...glad that finally i decide to paint her. hihi.

thanks for dropping by, nice seeing you again!

mangosteenskin said...


comel...tapi cam buncit plak fairy ni hahahaha. thank you!

mangosteenskin said...

helo Pupu!

hey, i miss you!

thank you!

mangosteenskin said...


I say, thank you on behalf of the fairy. hihi.

mangosteenskin said...

Hola Rizal,

Oh what a great idea! I keep thinking of to find time to do it soon!

You can contact me anytime, when you are ready. After I manage to carve your stamp last time, i think it gives my confident level a little boost! dapat kurangkan sedikit ke-nervous-an menerima tempahan stamp. haha! i forgot to thank you for that!

Ciyou said...

u make urself?? looks so cute~~

mangosteenskin said...


yes. hm, but i still looking for resin clay. this one is made using paperclay, then i just paint her.

thanks for dropping by ciyou!

FarA said...

ahah. sokey2. i still stalk your crafts tho :D

glad that the fairy is done and not gone!

+farahnajiha said...

very2 comel!! suka2!

RoZie.Hamid said...

i love it... you should commercialise them later.. kalau u jual ... i beli.. heheh..

rozie said...

cantik cantik... i suka jugak.... u should commercialise them...... very unique.