Tuesday, 5 May 2009

For the Hole in My Pocket

I won a bid in eBay yesterday, and I can't wait to receive my winning Colorbox Cat's Eye ink pads. The shipping alone costs me about MYR 45.00! I'm still wondering why I choose to buy ink pads instead of getting myself a good quality lino cutter. Winning the auction feels good but it burnt a big hole in my pocket! I am BROKE this Mother's Day...(ehem...this month too!).

My sister called yesterday asking for some sponsorship for Mother's Day. So if I manage to sell any rubberstamp this week, it would be for Mom. Another reason why I am broke this month is I booked air tickets and will be sponsoring my parents for holiday in August. They never board a plane their whole life and my dad is suffering from Rheumatism and Gout. I afraid if I wait another year, his walking difficulties would get worse. Actually I plan to buy a new pc or laptop, and a wacom tablet...but, I can wait.

Meanwhile, I know I have to get my ass from this chair and clear off my job list but then I was digging through last year's folder and found these!

Believe it or not, all above graphics are made using Microsoft Publisher and my click-click mouse. I receive quite a number of orders for home-bakery last year but none of these designs has been proposed to my customers. I stopped taking orders for business cards and stickers now...but i think the designs would turn out nice as rubberstamps!

Interested? Just email me!


bem69 said...

That's a noble thing to do, sponsoring your parents air tickets for holidays. I hope your parents enjoy their first ride on the plane.

The graphics you created are really good, and I'm honestly surprised that you used Microsoft Publisher for that. You really have a talent no matter what you use, well done :D

Wacom mana nak beli tu?

mangosteenskin said...

Thanks Bem!

I hope they will enjoy their trip too! Though I'm a bit worry coz my dad can't stand too long. Walking seems a struggle to him these days. Maybe I should get him a tongkat too.

The technique used to create these graphic is very basic. I only know Microsoft Publisher in 2006, and even in University, I still don't know how to use computer. Haha! Kasian ini orang kampung. Hahahahahaha...

Wacom tablet...I thought of getting the smallest, cheapest version first. For learning purpose. I got to upgrade my computer and install photoshop and yada...yada...yada...talking like pak pandir here. Hehe.

bem69 said...

I'm sure they'll enjoy the trip and won't mind the minor drawbacks. A tongkat would be good for him.

Even in Uni you didn't know how to use the computer? Thats crazy, that means you have learned A LOT in these few years. Ni mesti determination tinggi ke langit biru.

Wacom smallest ek? That's the graphire or bamboo la I suppose. But don't worry, wacom is a GREAT investment, tahan lasak and no matter what size you can create wonderful artworks.

mangosteenskin said...


Bolehlah....takat taip2 dan basic microsoft office. Masa skolah selalu ponteng kelas komputer. Hehe. My first year plg kelam kabut, menaip main patuk2. Haha.

Yalah Bem, rasanya memang i learnt alot during this later few years, especially after dah habis study...sbb dah ada masa nak godek itu ini.

ah yes...the bamboo one. recently pegi kedai dekat sini dah habes...so i need to order from kl sbb kedai tu tak sure lg nak order stock baru ke tidak katanya.

Joyce C. said...

Make some 'I Love U Mom' buttons. :D That'll be cool since it'll be simple. I'm not the type who'd spend money on gifts... prefer making something for the person. Then, I can put my personal touch (how I feel about them, how I see them... etc.). I like the expressions they'd get when they go, "WEE!" XD

Hope you'll get enough dough in time~

mangosteenskin said...

Tq Joyce!

I never say I Love You to my mom...Not even using sign language. I am like zombie, emotionless. Haha.

That's a good suggestion. I love making stuff too rather than giving something that anyone can buy at the shop.

Bee said...

I've been looking for a Wacom Graphire here in KK but luck hasn't been on my side.

I don't even know the price range for this thing but I've been wanting to get one since 2003, I was an active Deviantart.com artist back then and everyone there seems to have at least one wacom.

From where do you want to get your wacom. If it's in KK, do tell me ya! I am quite eager to get one myself, even though I don't have much time to do digital art these days.

mangosteenskin said...

Early this year I found this shop in Karamunsing selling Bamboo...I went there recently but they said it's sold out already. The price 400sumthing. I asked them if they will order new stock but they say the price might be different coz the 400++ were old stocks.

I haven't call the shop back, anything, I'll let you know k!

Bee said...

If I am not mistaken, I also saw an advertisement for Wacom in Karamunsing last year. But I can't find the shop the actually carry the item... it was just an ad on a wall and no shop name or contact number... it's so frustrating.

I will be grateful if you could get the info on the shop. I don't have time for digital art now... but, after I am done with my part time degree next year, I will have all the time in the world for my art projects! Can't wait!

bem69 said...

Oh Graphire dah takde dah kot, anyway if you're interested I'm selling a Wacom Intuos3 4x6 (the smallest) at RM750 open box to check contents only never used, but I have no idea how to send it there. I won it last time. Just informing you ya..

mangosteenskin said...



sounds interesting bem! hold first ya, will get back to u later.

bem69 said...

No problemo, mango! Stamp bila nak siap? Just kidding haha

Joyce C. said...

Aw... It's okay. Sometimes we forget the simple things like saying thank you. The button is a way to start. :D

Bethany said...

Let me know if I can ever help you out by getting some good deals for you here on stamp pads or if we can do some kind of trade. I can check out the S&H too and see if you can get a better deal than ebay offers.

Bee said...

Do you any experience buying lino cutters? I am thinking of buying the speedball ones. since the postage is going to cost me a lot... I need to know if I am not going to end up with some crappy lino cutters. Do you have any suggestion?

Where did you get your lino by the way? I am very very interested to buy lino too...

Your cute stamps suddenly make me want to carve again!

mangosteenskin said...


i bought a set of lino cutter from ebay once, but i never used it (it's not speedball). i find myself quite good working with the actoknife anyway. the last time i check my lino cutters, i think they started to rust already. i don't really know how good is the speedball cutter, i believe it all depends on the user.

until today, i still trust my rusty wood carver. :) my suggestion is, if you planning to buy lino cutter online, i suggest you just buy speedball or staedler mastercarve, both are branded ones, so they should be good.

skin helped me to buy my linos. you can try to contact her, maybe she can help you too.

Bee said...

Thanks for the info. I think I am getting the speedball then. Currently torn between waiting for gaji or just use the credit card again. This online shopping thing is really burning a big whole in my wallet!

mangosteenskin said...


Wait for gaji!

I also waiting for gaji to get few things in my list.

Few times, i almost want to use credit card as a way to get what I want, but Thank God, masih kuat iman. hehe. Every month I will transfer some money to my debit card specifically for online shopping or hobby-related use.

Sue Roslan said...


i nak order last pic as a sticker for my bakery, wah bakery ke not yet la but i like your design

pls reply me

LizMan said...

Hi...saya berminat yang last design ni??
How much yer??