Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Lino: The Next Level

I 'm looking for linoleum block but I don't know where to look for it locally. Why lino? Of course la for my stamp carving madness. Many times I almost purchase it online, but always, after considering the price in our currency...I think it become pretty unreasonable. I learnt that lino is being used in printmaking and lino is also an other name for vynil flooring mat, or what we locally call as "karpet getah (rubber carpet)". I blogged in one of my previous post, asking help from anyone who happen to know where to get the lino (I mean the lino block for stamp carving), and that was when Skin, a nice young lady came to my call.

The lino sample arrived at my office yesterday and the first thing I have in mind was, "A flooring lino!". It came in a sheet form, rather thin compared to what I expected, and it got this woven fiber backing~~~I am unsure, but the look of the backing almost convince me that, "It's a flooring lino!~~~It's a flooring lino~~~It's a flooring linooo..."*echoing*

It cracks and breaks like biskut lemau when folded. I showed it to my hubby, he also thinks it a vynil flooring mat!

But, I am optimistic, as always, what if it's a flooring lino? Wouldn't it be nice if it can be used to make stamps? I made an easy, quick stamp design for testing-testing. It's up to how you interprete it, either it's a sister and her brother, or a mother and son... it's up to you. Initially the boy got his bicycle at the other side of the tree, but I was too lazy to carve the bicycle. Sorry boy, I have to take your bicycle away.

Carving the lino is an interesting new experience. It reminds me of scraping dried, hardened Milo powder from the tin.

It's difficult to get a nice proof because this lino stamp is stiff and too thin to be handled, so I mount it to a piece of wood. I like stamps made of eraser better, but maybe it's too early to judge. I have a feeling that this lino stamp can last longer than rubber stamps, and less vulnerable than erasers.

I'm happy with the results! Thank you very much Skin! Felt like I'm catching another level of my carving madness!

So, can anyone justify, is this material really a lino mat/flooring? I'm glad if it's not. Just let me know what you think.

I'm glad if it's "yes" too.


Aneesah said...

Hahaha. Gile kool if it is really flooring lino. x) I personally don't know a thing about what linoleum looks like, tapi what I know is that the carving blocks (the Speedball, PZ Kut ones) aren't the same as lino. They're softer & almost macam eraser, I believe.

Do you like *carving* stamps out of erasers better, or *stamping* with erasers better? ^^ Carved lino is usually used to produce banyak2 prints so I guess mmg lagi heavy-duty.

Still like how the stamp looks, though. :D Cam best.

mangosteenskin said...



I betul2 sangka Skin kirimkan something mcm Speedball or PZ Kut tu... maybe, sekurang2nya versi china or malaysia la... sekali sampai... memang suprise sangat2... hehe.

between eraser and lino (talking about this particular lino in this post)...both have advantages and disadvantages in terms of carving and stamping. erasers give more even ink spread while this lino produce blotches if we don't press hard enough. but like i say, both got pros and i like both!

still looking forward to try lino block though. to be precise, something like speedy or pz kut.

si kurus said...

hehe wah! kagumnye! cmne tah kak mango wat begitu details.. skin tertntye2 cmne nk wat yg bulat2 ngn garis2.. hehe tuhla skin pon rs pelik ms mule2 beli dulu.. nnt kalo skin p kedai tuh ushakn yg lembut sket. skin dok crk yg speedball tuh.. tp xjumpe lg kt mesia ni hehehe..

p/s: oh tenkiu for ur extra rm2 tehee

mangosteenskin said...

hehe skin,

kalau betul ini lino karpet tu kita harus berbangga jadi antara org pertama yang buat stamp guna karpet getah. hehe.

stamp ni nampak cantik jugak bila dah siap...suka warna merah bata dia. tp yang tak best tu susah nak nampak garisan semasa nak carve, warna ni gelap dan surface dia agak licin dan shiny pula. Untuk potong shape dia, mango pakai gunting je, kalau pemadam mana boleh main gunting2 kan!

Lain kali kalau skin pegi kedai tu tengok kalau ada kaler yg cerah ya. putih ke hehe.

Bee said...

Wah this lino thingy is cool. Finally it solved all the problem of not getting a big enough eraser in the market. I wonder if this lino thing is available in a local hardware store.

You know there's a newly openned hardware store near my place. The first thing I thought of when I saw the store was that I wanted a cute handsaw and some papan to mount my stamps... hehe. But I haven't been to the store yet. Everytime we drove pass the place it's already close... maybe I should try to go there during weekends... when I don't have classes to go to, I mean.

shambie adzhan said...

cuba tengok dekat kedai ni

saya pernah pegi gudang dia dekat Balakong, gila best macam-macam ada
and boleh tahan murah laaa!

btw, cantik la hasil nya ;)

Azlina Abdul said...

Wow! I love the fact that you are experimenting with all sorts of materials for your rubber stamping passion. And trying to find which material would be most comfortable for you to work with.The stamp you made with this new material looks amazing as always! Keep up the good work! :)

I really hope one day it will be easier for us to get materials/supply for our passion hehehe....takyah nak order from overseas... :)

mangosteenskin said...


Yes...kinda cool. But carving the lino is twice harder than carving erasers. Have to really master the carving and cutting technique especially when using the knife. Lino ni sangat liat jadi kalau x berhati2, tangan boleh terjojos. Takut2 terpotong jari lah pulak, tapi kalau tak force kuat tak berjalan pulak pisau tu.

Hm masalahnya kedai hardware ni selalu tutup kalau hari minggu. kalau bukak pun setengah hari. Eh, you can also buy gergaji di mana2 supermarket. Look in hardware or DIY department. I got a couple of saw i bought in supermarket, kalau yg mata halus macam gergaji besi tu bagus juga utk potong kayu kecil2...lebih senang control dan lebih kemas.

Actually I honestly think it'll be a good business opprtunity kalau ada sapa2 yg mau supply kayu yg sudah siap dipotong kecil2 untuk stamp mounting. Tak payah pun yang "kelas" punya kayu, cukup dia potong kemas dan haluskan sikit. Kalau dia jual 10sen, 20 sen sebiji I rather buy daripada berpeluh2 mau memotong kayu. Haha!

mangosteenskin said...

Oh shambie!

thank you byk2! this is going to be my must-go place the next time I go down to KL! Wohoooo!!! Senangnya dalam hati...lalalalala...

mangosteenskin said...


betul betul betul... harga barang dia okey lagi...bila campur postage tu jd mahal nak mampus. Haha!

I think I start to take this stamp carving seriously, not only as a hobby. If God willing, I want to be a professional stamp carver. Maybe it sounds to ambitious, but at this age, I think it's time to narrow down our obsession and stick to it. That's why I keep doing reseach and finding ways how to improve my products. Apa2pun, kita hanya merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan.

Azlina Abdul said...

Way to go girl! I think you got what it takes to be a professional stamp carver. Judging by your artwork,Insyaallah you will achieve your ambition someday! Tabik spring!!

CAHAYA said...

which one is better? the one u used previously or this one?

Bethany said...

Fantastic work on the new material.
You made me laugh with your comment about the bike. You're so cute.

mijiworkshop said...

i think this lino is a bit soft..i have 1 is harder...& it can't really use knife(cutter) to crave..V-shaped chisel is better & easy..actually it has special tools & ink(need roller to apply) to carve lino..

lino can get in any art material shop in KL..

lino you craved, the result come out is nice..

happy trying...

mangosteenskin said...


For stamping, eraser is better. because it is soft and the eraser itself got some kind of absorbtion. It also stamp more beautiful than lino. However, I can't comment further as it would be unfair for lino, I haven't get used to this material yet.

mangosteenskin said...


Thank you dear. Hehe.

mangosteenskin said...


yeah, i also don't want to complain so much about his lino coz i havent make enough try outs with this stuff.

yes, they are special tools to be used with lino, but i like the idea of finding alternative tools to make something, especially when the proper tool is nowhere to be found. it is more challenging and helps us to unleash our creativity.

si kurus said...

wee kak mango!
skin dh jumpe dh lino yg lembut n kaler putih haha! tp nipis jugak cm lino merah bata ni.. cume xde la yg jaring2 tuh.. its a bit expensive. 100x200mm pon dh rm6.50.. ade lg 1jenis de 2 kaler dpn biru blkg ijau.. tktau la pe keistimewaan die.. keras sket dr yg putih.. skin beli yg kecik dulu test lu.. kalo oke bley belikn tuk kak mango tehee

to shambie

hee yg skin beli tuk kak mango dr multifilla hik.. die de 1 jenis je ms tnye uncle tuh hehe.. kt the garden byk choice sket.nnt nk g usha multifilla lg heee umh skin dekat je ngn multifilla hehe

bluecrystaldude said...

gila lawa.. nice one! Eh, you already changed your URL? Gosh. I missed out so much! Waa... I will change your link k :)

BTW, I am back! Back online that is. I am currently doing my practical training in Petaling Jaya :)

rizal said...

Salam Manggo,

Arghhh!! darn it woman. Anda memang berbakat lagi berjiwa seni. Boleh hamba tahu rahsia ketekunan semangat tidak putus asa saudari? :D

Saya tahu pendapat saya ini sangat "cliche", tetapi memang tidak dinafikan kerja-kerja saudari ini membuatkan saya teruja bersemangat sungguh. Malang sungguh, semangat teruja terus hilang lesap lenyap cair bila kulitmangis ditutup. Oh mengapa! mengapa!

hehe.. sori ye, otak petang ni biol sket.

As usual la manggo, it is kinda wonderful for me to see how much you have progressed in lots or artistic things. Ohh! do you remember your early works such as Tahun Tikus for last year Tahun Baru Cina, which resulted RnR to finally land here and make some comments.


p/s : hey i thing you should try js-kits. :)

Happy blogging ya.

si kurus said...

weee skin dh try! definitely way better than lino carpet. although it same thin as lino carpet.. lino tuh lg soft.. and senang lg nk crave.. lg keras dr normal eraser.. heee i'll buy another for kak pas exam la ek tehee..

michelle said...

im pretty sure you can use this for lino printing, cos it looks like the same stuff i use for lino prints for school.
i've used it a lot and its pretty good :)
to make it easier to carve, you can iron it, haha with a iron