Friday, 12 June 2009


I love orchids because it is a plant with unlimited varieties. Back in university, I learnt how to make orchid hybrids. I hybrided my mom's hybrid orchids with local wild orchid but I never manage to see how my invented hybrid's flowers looks like. You see, when you polinate a flower, it will produce a seed pod...but in case of orchids...the seed is microscopic and it can only be sow in special media. Back to these years, I have lots of seed pods of my own invented hybrids, and I made some experiments sowing them in damped moss, etc (don't want to bore you with scientific terms here) but none of these seeds manage to germinate. I don't know...maybe some of them manage to germinate but we can't see them with bare eyes. We need a microscope to see them. After I graduated i don't have access to microscope or culturing equipments anymore. That's why, once I was dreaming of having my own small lab dedicated to do these kinds of work...producing my own hybrid orchids and culturing them. But maybe one day, for the mean time, you guys know what I'm up to...stamp carving!

Hybrid orchid is originated from cross-polination of two wild orchids. It can also be achieved by cross-polinating hybrids to wild, or hybrids to hybrids. Most commercial orchid are hybrids as they are the success polination of selected species with fragrant and beautiful flowers. But to come up with a successful hybrid is not easy...for example it took 10 years to develop an Aranda hybrid which later be named after Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah, our former First Lady.

I think the orchid blooming season is still here, make a visit to any nature park or orchid garden, you'll know what I mean. Here's a few pictures of orchids that I manage to capture during my recent visit to Tenom Agriculture Park.


edi said...

they are oh so lovely, mango!
i love orchids too, their varieties are amazing and they never fail to surprise me whenever they bloom.
take care.

Joyce C. said...

Yes! Another orchid lover~ I love orchids too but their a tad expensive for gifts. Haha. It's a way to torture guys, I suppose. *wink*

I'm surprised you have another interesting hobby. You can do everything, can you.

mangosteenskin said...


Oh glad that u love orchids too! you are right, the plant offers much suprises everytime they bloom! So do you have any orchids at home? are they blooming?

Veda Murthy said...

i love orchids too!!!!!its my dream to get one in my home....soon i might buy one!

si kurus said...

skin nye fav flowers!

mangosteenskin said...


Orchids are unique but taking care of it needs a little bit more efforts and attention. Maybe that is why they are expensive. Plus the cut flowers can last for days and even weeks!

I have only two orchids now, the rest have died. Maybe I should start growing orchids again!

mangosteenskin said...


Yes! Buy one that's ready to bloom!

mangosteenskin said...


Sama la! Tapi mango suka juga Ros, Lily, Tulip dan...ah semuanya!

Joyce C. said...

That makes sense. Maybe that's why they're so pretty too. Do what makes you happy, I believe. And don't forget to take pictures! :)

syntheticsoul said...

my fav flower too..
my mom used too have a little greenhouse filled with loads of them.
they're soo lovely!

Bethany said...