Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Facebooking and Stamp-making

Lack of updates lately huh?

Who needs blog when Facebooking is so damn alive and much more fun? ~~~ well, I almost think that way. But no way! I love my blog!

But friends, if you are on Facebook (or not yet)~~Come! Come! Let's get connected! Just look for Mysara Mangosteenskin. We sure gonna have lots of good times there. Come on darling...add me!

I'm trying to upload all photos of my handmade stamps there! You are more than welcomed to view the album.

For the mean time, enjoy some photos of my latest comissioned handmade stamps.


izzat said...

impressive as always. haih. :)

Azlina Abdul said...

WOw! WOW and WOWOWOWOW!!!! I am always impressed by your detailed work! Simply amazing jaw just dropped when I looked at your latest rubber stamps...they are just so adorable! Inspiring me always! Keep it up!

edi said...

i hate u! u're so talented!
(this is me being friendly)

Brian Kinney said...

Mango, I like Dr Lee's stamp!
It is so cute! :)

It has been a while since I visited here last.

How are you? :)

mangosteenskin said...

Hi Izat.
TQ! I want your link...nak lawat balik tak boleh.

TQ TQ TQ TQ>>> what more can I "attacked" me in a way that make me speechless.

I hate u too!! hahaha.

akss...faisal sejak bila tukar jadik brian nih? hahaha...I'm fine TQ. Mango pun dah lama tak lawat your blog tapi sentiasa mengikuti your updates. Oh ada jugak orang suka stamp Dr. Lee tu...I thought itulah stamp yang paling tak diminati...hahaha. Tapi sebenarnya stamp ni ambil masa yang lama sangat nak siap, prosesnya sungguh memenatkan. Tak taulah mungkin masa tu Mango dah kehabisan bateri kot.

Bethany said...

you are SO amazing. These are divine. I know what you mean about facebook. But it's sort of like commercials/adds while the blogs are the actual shows.

mangosteenskin said...


TQ and yes! definetely!

Anonymous said...

Steen, the next time I update my blog, I'll leave a comment here with a link. Dah berabuk bersawang blog tuh. malu nak bagi orang jenguk. :P


Emily said...

I really like your stamp art! I have ideas and I want to start making my own. Any suggestons? I'm going to try to find you on facebook. My name is Emily and I'm from Kansas! ;-)