Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Featured in Venus!!

Yes... beyond Earth is where I've been! Thanks so much to Adline for taking me there!


Click here to learn more about Venus.


And please click on the screenshot image to read the article :)

These few days I feel really tired and lack of energy. Most probably PMS. But Venus really make my day! I feel excited and energetic again! Woohooo!!


rizal said...


Feel darn proud of you la Manggo.

Keep up the awesome work :)

+fnajiha said...

congratulations!!! wow!

edi said...

way to go, girl! i'm proud of u.

pupu said...

wah congrats Manggo! :D

Awesome. :)

pupu said...

wah congrats Manggo! :D

Awesome. :)

yoon see said...

Congrats of being featured!
Keep up your good work!

Yoonie said...

Love the work you do! Can I commission you to do my shoppe's stamp too? Email me!