Friday, 17 July 2009

Rosy Stamp

Aaaaahhhh...I'm so happy that it turned out well, because I was carving this around 4-7 am. I got up at 1 am after only 2 hours of sleep. The floor was cold and I was very sleepy! Both my eyes were actually dah start melekat-lekat, pedih-pedih dan kabur-kabur. Kejap-kejap I need to kedip-kedip or buka besar-besar but I was also unable to stop carving!

Do you like the roses? Actually I made few sketches to find the best way to make roses on stamp. Well, nak lukis tiga kuntum ros saja pun perlu bekerja begitu keraskah? I like doing something my own style. They look simple kan...but I really perah otak on it, you know! I really hope kak Fiza will love this stamp, she requested it to be English style (menjadikah?). But to tell you the truth, she actually ordered this since last year! Oh sori kak Fiza...lama sangat nak siap! Kalau tanam padi agaknya dah 3 kali tuai dah!


Mei said...

That looks wonderful! So pretty and cute. I'd like one for myself.

Are you open to orders at this time?

c a b b i e n a said...

im so impressed!!! terlalu impress!!!walaupun tiny details, talented sgt awak ni!!!

mangosteenskin said...


Thanks so much. Yes, am open for orders. Email me at mangosteenskin@kulitmanggis k.


TQ! This kind of comment always make me speechless. My talent is pemberian Allah. I just using it. I think it's not totally mine.

pupu said...

Oh wow!! Great stamp work Mango! U have improve more and more. I love all the cute stamps u make!! :) Keep goin!!

melorr said...

mango... nak order boleh? Teruja biler tgk contoh2 stamp yg mango da buat! lawaaaa!

Joyce C. said...

Yeah, it's simple, elegant and definitely English. :D I think the rose sets the aura. And the lace at the bottom too! It's okay to plan the details. That's what makes it special, kan. ;)

I'm so respecting your work even more now because I've cut myself many times carving and I still can't get a square out.

shambie adzhan said...

like always, your work is superb! never fail to amazed me ;)

nak order jugak lah.. dapat lambat pun tak pe. its worth the wait hehe

keep on crafting dear, i love your work so much!

rizal said...

Beutifully Done Manggo.

And your skills have improved tremendously. One thing that i always be in Awe is seeing how perfect those carved fonts are. Fuhhh!! (sweat Sweat!!)

Fiza of ChiqueCakes said...

mango dear, i must say that u've done a fantastic job..! from designing to carving...ur passion really shows :) tak sabar nak guna this little darling..worth the wait..! thank you sooo much!!!