Monday, 20 July 2009


Yes. Sometimes my stamps design randomly featured as wallpaper on my makes me happy.

Maybe to some my handmade stamps are just stamps. Rubbers. Erasers. But to me they are more than that. Far more than what you can imagine. At one point, I even make a pledge to myself. I will keep creating stamps and I will never going to stop. One day, when I'm gone, I hope my stamps will stay longer. Within each and every stamp that I make, there are pieces of peacefulness, hope and happiness that I felt all throughout the process. Everytime I send a stamp away to their owner, I am sending away a little piece of me. A little piece of love.

My carver has broken!!

Some things are just irreplaceable. We can only try to make them stay with us as long as possible. I bought three new carvers but they are not as good as this one. Luckily I haven't tossed the broken tip away yet. Will ask my hubby if he can help me weld it.


Syamilia said...

akak...beli carver baru...huhu

pupu said...

wah!ur carver.. itu menunjukkan we kerja keras.hehe we love all the things we do/have. same as for me, i have fav brushes, but then dah hilang. when the brushes lost entah ke mana, i feel lost too and not comfortable using the new ones.

rizal said...

i do agree mango.

We all love our crafty works dearly. We are passionate about them.

More than a passion, but less than an obesseion. Ehh yer ker ayat ni?

And i will treasure your hand made rubber stamp for sure.

Susah tuu..

aper pun still (tak kira) rubber stamp RnR tu paling complicated pernah tgk.. kekeke.

but latest work, Koako & Friends nampak sukar jugak tu. :)

Emila Yusof said...

Hi Mysara! Did you get your cards already? Need to close the order. Please e-mail me.

Veda Murthy said...

I totaly enjoy seeing people who carve stamps......makes me wanna try this art too....

Sheerah said...

hey... ur works are AWESOME!!!