Thursday, 6 August 2009

Goodbye Free

I was so happy because I got the chance to take my parents for holiday. I worked hard for it. I have been dreaming of it since 20 years ago. Since I was only 7.

But when we came back yesterday, Free was not around. We left our house key to a neighbour but according to him and other neighbours, Free had gone missing since Sunday. He did not even show up to get his food. He was a very loyal cat, we know that he must be wandering around the neighbourhood looking for us. It was his habit, waiting for us to come back from work outside the house, everyday. Maybe he was worry about us, because we did not come home on Saturday.

We have been worrying about him the whole night. This morning, on our way to work, we found him by the roadside. Blood came out from his ears and mouth. It seemed that the accidents happened 1-2 hours earlier.

My heart broke. No matter how many times we lost a pet, the pain is still the same. My husband cried too. My mom and dad were also sad. When I told the "macik" next door, she and her daughter also cried. In his short life, Free has been very friendly to everyone. The neighbours' kids love him too.

We buried him under the tree, and I keep his red colar with pink bell. I still remember on our last day together, he get inside the lungage while I was packing and slept inside it. He was very quiet and sad-looking.

I know my heart is willing to accept that he is gone now. I let you go Free, let you go to heaven. But I am sure going to miss you all my life. We will miss your company, we love how you like to sit on our laps when we driving the car. I will miss your cheek, I love kissing it. I will miss your paw. I will miss your smell. I am sorry if I have taken you for granted before.

This was his picture last year's Ramadhan. We adopt him from Gaya Street, when me and hubby went there looking for Raya cookies.

One of my favourite photo of him.

I made him this safety vest when he was about six months old. But he grew so fast, he could only wear it for a month.

Free always accompany us when we are doing something. This was his photo taken from where I was carving stamps.

He always follow us to the parking lot, and this was one of the day when I happened to bring the camera inside my bag.

Below photos were taken about two months ago.


Azleanyza'S said...


Anasfadilah said...


i know how u guys feel about this

im sad too

Khemy said...

i know how you feel..

Bee said...

Kesian si Free.... huhu. I also feel like crying. Poor poor Free.

I know how painful it is to lose a pet. Sabar ya. Free is definitely in a better place now.

rizal said...

Salam Manggo.

Takziah rizal ucapkan.

Rizal baca pun sedih juga. Bersabar ye.

mangosteenskin said...

thanks so much my dear friends...your words of comforts really sooth my feelings.

zulindanish said... words can say this..tapi aku tau camana rasanya...

Yaya said...

im just one of your fan..your silent reader.i cry reading it n yet, still crying for happened to me too n cat is a wonderful pet ever..

Adif said...

That's ok mango, cats always end up in heaven and that's the ultimate best place for anyone... :) jgn sedih2 ok..

mangosteenskin said...

Thank you. Sesuatu yang hilang itu tidak akan ada penggantinya sampai bila2...kalau ada pun tidak akan sama. Bila kenang balik, Free loved us more than we love him...sebab kitorang sibuk dengan macam2 benda, tapi Free kebanyakan masa kerja dia cuma tunggu kami balik dan sit by our side bila kami ada d rumah. Dia macam tak boleh berpisah dengan kami sampaikan kat kampung pegi tandas pun dia tunggu kat luar pintu!! (tandas kat kampung kat luar rumah, sampai dia sanggup panjat bumbung reban ayam yang sama tinggi ngan tingap tandas tu untuk jenguk kalau one of us ada kat dalam). Haih...tinggal kenangan.

Thanks. Ya. Semoga Free dalam keadaan terbaik di sana. Wah siapakah gerangan yang berambut belah tengah dalam avatar itu?

Azlina Abdul said...

Sedihnya baca your post about Free....I can imagine what it's like to lose a pet...I guess that's why I haven't had one for years now...I don't think my heart can take it if I lose another's like losing your own kid...kita jaga them since small, watch them grow before our much of good memories together... :( Please accept my condolences and deepest sympathy....

Mysunshine Gift Shop said...

sebak i baca citer u... i had cats when i was young. named kenit & boboy... i love their company.


Tuberosa Kamellia said...

sorry to hear about ur cat melan..nda apa la melan..c free tau juga tukamu syang dia..binatang pun pandai faham...kdg2 manusia lg nda faham.. :(

Emila Yusof said...

kesiannya Free...RIP Free.

Iejan said...

I am so sad..I cried when i read your post. I know the feeling coz I've lost pet before :(