Wednesday, 30 September 2009

BIG Apology

...especially to those who have confirmed their orders and still waiting. And also to those who still waiting for me to reply their mails. I've been struggling to cope up with plenty of stuffs this year thus at some points I can only give a little bit here and there.

I know. No matter what excuse, it would still be unfair to you. Sorry.. Sorry... Sorry. Time flew so fast, and I'm certain that some of you have waited for months just for one piece of stamp kan? I must admit this is so much of a bad service! Oh! (knocking my own head).

Then, in September. After being featured in both Venusbuzz and Utusan Malaysia, I received a sudden rush of emails and enquiries including through comments and chatbox in my blog. I feel like fainting! It's pretty scarry!

Above: Learning to use CorelDraw. Also an attempt to get acquainted with my wacom tablet!

Please, be patient okay. I am gearing up myself to get back on the track again!



Palan 2 bah geng.. aku pasti semua pun paham bahhh

fara said...

saye juge mau membuat tatau bagai mane...mcm mane ye?

Alviana said...

ur work is pretty awesome. i know u really buzy and have many pending orders, but i'm really interested and need one for my self. how do i make the order?