Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Agnetha Fältskog

If it wasn't because of Lin who had been posting link of ABBA songs in Facebook yersterday, I won't end up searching for my favourite numbers of ABBA in Youtube again (after doing it a week ago). I grow up listening to ABBA and their songs always bring back memories.

The search further led me to Agnetha Fältskog, and I fell deeper in love with her voice. Last night was the night when Agnetha's really looked into my eyes and touched my heart.

"After the release of I Stand Alone in 1988, Agnetha took a break from her musical career and completely withdrew from public life. In April 2004, after 17 years of silence Agnetha came back with a bang by releasing the album My Colouring Book, a collection of covers of 1960s classic oldies.The album topped the charts in Sweden, reached top 5 in some countries and No.12 in UK. The Times reviewer noted "her voice is still an impressive pop instrument", and The Observer noted "time hasn't diminished her perfect voice".The album release attracted major media attention across Europe, but Agnetha refused to be involved in any publicity. Despite this, the album sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide, with 50,000 of those in the UK alone.Agnetha has a fear of flying and has not been on an airplane for over 15 years. When she goes abroad she prefers to travel by car. She prefers a tranquil life in a rural suburb south-west of Stockholm, away from the noisy city atmosphere".

Here's few tracks from the album MY Colouring Book, 2004.

Sometimes When I'm Dreaming

My Colouring Book

Past, Present and Future


Azlina Abdul said...

I didn't even know that she released the new album...never heard of it before until you introduced it to me in Facebook! Am in love with her voice and songs...they are so beautifully written...and they really touched the heart...straight through!! Amazing talent!

rizal said...


Manggo, rizal perasan kulitmanggis ni tiada borang langganan melalui email. Buat satu la. Bagus tu, sekurang-kurangnya kalau kulitmanggis dikemaskini, kami boleh tahu :)

Oho, rizal pun tak tahu ada kemunculan album baru. Terima Kasih sebab berkongsi.