Monday, 5 October 2009

Allen Design Giveaway Contest

I am so into trinket boxes, and while I was in Genting last August, I found some beautiful trinket boxes sold at one of the shop there. They were priced RM40 each while in other place I found them being sold at RM60-80. Now I regret why I don't buy at least one piece of these cuties. But to think back, I'm sure it was because I always try to be reasonable when dealing with temptations; avoid spending money on unnecesary things.

Only yesterday, I was browsing the web for trinket boxes just for cuci-cuci mata and coincidently this morning, I found something that really, really, really gets me excited! This Goody Allen Treasure Box is something I really, really WANT + NEED!!

Michell my Belle is a new blog I am following. Her artworks and creations are inspiring and stunning! If you also want to win one of these cute treasure boxes, well...let's play (ehem! let's compete)! Just click on the photo above! Deadline is Friday, October 9th.

Below are some of my collection of trinket boxes. All priced less than RM10. Hihi.


rizal said...

wah, itu satu koleksi yang menarik tuu manggo.

Murah dan menarik. Satu pelaburan yang memang berbaloi tu : )

michelle said...

thank you for the link love!
i love your little collection. i think you deserve to win :) hehe!