Friday, 23 October 2009

I am in e@Siswa - October Issue

Again, with self-taken photos. Haha.

I am featured in Kerjaya Pilihan (Carier of Choice) column. Click on the photo to read it. To those who is unable to read the original version in Malay, please read the translated version done by Haslina.

Argh! You don't know how much I really wish that "Eraser Stamp Carver" is something I can call "a carier". Like something I can officially write down on blank spaces designated for "occupation" in profile forms. So I can wake up each morning, enjoying my breakfast thinking only what stamps I'm going to make that day.

Since the article is about carier, let me tell you how I ended up carving stamps. Uhuk! Uhuk!

I wanted to be a scientist since I was 6, biasalah cita2 budak2 hehe but I carry on till I manage to get a Biotechnology degree. I thought of seeking for employment in something to do with plants/crop/agriculture development, don't mind if it is in private firms or goverment departments, or maybe at least become a teacher (preferably teaching Biology). But when I graduate, my hubby managed to persuade me to help him run the business, so he can focus more on field and train the staffs and I can take over administration affairs. I never know I would ever give up my years of ambition, I thought I'm strong-hearted, but I guess that's just how the letter L, O, V and E have changed my life direction.

I am now, holding an Admin Manager title. Self-created position, and behind it is all my husband's hard works, so nothing to be proud of (about myself).

I also love photography, but apart from an RM180 (approx. USD51.42) compact 28mm wide lense CANON analog camera which I bought during my final year in University, I can't afford anything more expensive than that to explore the passion. Later when me and hubby bought an S3IS prosumer CANON digital camera in 2006 I was so damn excited! I started to participate online photography portal and collect photography magazines only to realize that I need to upgrade my camera and equip myself with proper photo-editing softwares in order to upgrade my skills. Worse, even my laptop is out-of-date. Photography isn't a cheap hobby.

I never mean to give up on photography, but I take it as a sign for me to work harder to get what I want. There is no short-cut to an EOS or new laptop or whatsoever. In terms of carier, I love working with my husband, but it doesn't give me self-satisfaction as I don't have chemistry in construction. I am so green and introvert ~ I don't even know if I have a thing to become a businesswoman. So I tought, I must find something else...I must look deeper and find a talent to polish. I can't look for job in other company coz that will means I have to leave my current job. Well, it is different when the boss is your own husband.

In 2007, I started drawing. Just something to keep my blog goes on. I need to work hard on my skills, techniques and execution of ideas but I don't have much time for that. Following steps of talented illustrator and graphic designer, Emila Yusof and Rizal, a lecturer in Institut Kraf Negara, I joined Illustration Friday as a way to practice. At times when I'm not looking, I coincidently found Gennine's Art Blog through Illustration Friday and learned about stamp carving. So in 2008, when I found out that I'm kinda gifted with this stamp carving, I promise myself, that this is something I must pursue. Sometimes I do feel bored, but I just told myself I can't afford to quit things anymore.

If you ask me, I don't think I am eligible to be featured in this kind of article. I'm just a beginner but perhaps I got the attention because stamp carving is still something rare in Malaysia. However, it's also a good thing because before this not even my parents understand why I want to draw or carve stamps, and waste my degree. My husband always complains why do I need to juggle between spending time online, drawing, stamp-making and administrating our company. I understands why he is worry. The company is a greater commitment and responsibilities. I just hope atleast, they understand and lend me the chance to do something that make me feel good about myself. I expect nothing much, but their blessings.

I'm happy to have all the artsy-crafty friends in blogosphere. You guys never stop inspiring me and your supports make me go on. Just don't stop doing what you love and trust this, "Extraordinary People Do Ordinary Things Extraordinary Well". It works all the time.

You and I, let us be extraordinary.


Anonymous said...

wah.. glemer you... :P

Tahniah. ^_^


Anasfadilah said...

sudah femes :)

p/s:: bila la saya pulak nak keluar majalah ye..hehehe

CAHAYA said...

nice! congrats babe. suka tengok perempuan kreatif macam cik puan mango. malatops!

Veda Murthy said...

congratulations mel! but could translate whats in that for ur readers? that would be lovely!


Jiji said...

Hye Kak Mangosteenskin, buat la bengkel! Nak join!

Aneesah said...

Mango, you know what? You could actually be a writer hahahaha. :D I love this entry! So sincere and motivating and best. ^^

And to me there's no such thing as "wasting" a degree -- nobody knows what the future holds for them, it's all in God's plan, whether you do experience your childhood ambition or you turn somewhere else. All in the past are experiences.

Just keep going & do what you love. :D InsyaAllah things will fall into place.

fawa said...

dalam nur nov09 pun ada jugak kan...tahniah..baru beli blm baca lagi...

Ayu said...

tahniah..dah makin famous ni :)

edi said...

yeah, lets inspire and be inspired by each other! congrates mango, i'm so proud of u!

u mean little girl.. nak menang stamp kena translate page tu?? mm.. tho i would LOVE to own your stamp, but for that translation, no thks la :-P

Azlina Abdul said...

Gosh continue to inspire me almost all the time. You have no idea how much you have made a difference in other people's life. I truly understand what you are trying to convey here and I believe what you are doing now with your passion for art is GREAT!!! Don't stop!! Keep going!! We all believe in you and love what you do! You are definitely extraordinary to me!!


Hani said...

suka sangat tgk hasil kerja mango.. actually.. saya cuba la buat eraser carving ni nak2 waktu tensen buat kerja office.. sungguh terapi.. hilang rasa marah geram bila dpt menoreh atas pemadam tu.. hehehe.. n good luck n dont stop inspired us with new design..