Sunday, 25 October 2009

Some WIP

Trying hard to do commision jobs whenever I can. These are a couple of stamps am working on but I couldn't finish them as I've run out of raw materials for the mounting.
Small fonts still make me nervous. Before I start carving these kind of stamps, I usually take time to get physically, and mentally prepared.

And, another butterfly came...

to make friends with the blue one. Maybe they need more friends, don't you think? Lebih seronok main enjet-enjet semut.

Enjoy this page of my test-chop-prints ya.

When you finish carving a stamp, you need to see whether your work turns out well or not.

Editing photos using photoscapes is so quick and easy.

Ahh~ I just love round corners. Most of photos in the late 70's and early 80's are rounded-corners.

Round corners is nostalgic and it bring back happy childhood feelings. :)


+fnajiha said...

mango! takpe.. my edd 11dec, lambat lagi.. ;) love the butterfly!!

ZazaHardy said...

stunning work of art! you have magical hands and obviously an incredibly talented girl! i'd love to get my hands on some of your stamps and incorporate them with my crafts one day! how tiny can you go?! my gosh!! those two butterflies will definitely enjoy their enjet enjet semut with a couple more!! ;)

sending you best wishes and lots of smiles from holland!

CAHAYA said...

I love round corners too. Old skool. ;)

SOHO Mama said...

Ahhh I can see that my stamp is going to turn out gorgeously :D
And thanks for sharing about photoscape..I guna picasa je selama ni tapi effect photoscape lagi menarik!
I too need to have the mental and physical preparation before starting on an order. E.g. I just started on a big fresh flower arrangement for a 830am delivery this morning at 530am. Malam tadi lepak je tengok TV because "didnt have the feel yet". Hee hee..

chimerastone said...

I popped in via google to say hi.
I must say you have created neat and detailed carver eraser stamps. Even the smallest has fine details. What tools do you use because I use a craft knife and lino cutter and can't get the image fine as yours.