Sunday, 1 November 2009

From Tri-color to Monotonous

If somebody ask you to carve a stamp for a logo like this, how would you do it? This logo might look simple and easy, but how to create a single stamp that will give an impression of three different colours? For this kind of logo, the colors are important elements.

Another challenge is, the customer require the stamp to be in a specific measurement. My problem is, the size of the text is already small, so reducing the logo to the required size will proportionally reduce the text to something much much smaller. Again, for a logo like this, I think it is important to produce a crisp and neat carving rather than rustic or wavy cuts.

I almost say "No, it is impossible to do it handcarved", to the customer, but at the same time I still want to give it a try. It would be a new experience.

So I carried out my first attempt. I spend hours trying my best on it but as soon as I finished, I'm certain that using the cross-line (as to distinguish two different colored background) is a huge mistake. The text is also unsatisfactory.

I come up with a second solution, and this time the customer agree coz it resembles their logo better than the first one.

As usual, carving the wordings is the most challenging part. I took the longest time on it but I still can't get it perfect. Argh.. Sampai terpeleot jari masa carve "B" untuk "Bersatu" tu.


bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Mango!

Wow! That's such a tedious work! I think the most hard part is to do the wordings. Tulisan kecil sangat. Hehe

Bethany said...

you are amazing!!!! Wow, really impressed with you you figured that out. It's perfect!

CAHAYA said...


Anonymous said...

kak...oya ni..hee..
baru hari ni tbuka ur blog..
u amazed me..
this is awesome...
way to go sis!