Wednesday, 18 November 2009

One Thing at a Time

So much to be done yet so little time. Could this be just an excuse?

Above drawing is actually something I proposed to Yani for her wedding stamp, but I failed to meet the deadline. With her wedding approaching the corner, she requested me just the scanned image of it. Maybe she can use it for something, she said. Apart from hers, I know I've missed few other orders too.

As a wife, daughter, sister and in-law I got to figure out how to be efficiently productive in everything I do. A friend said, what I do is multitasking, but what I discover is I CAN ONLY DO ONE THING AT A TIME.


euphoria said...

true, we cannot win them all.

Joyce C. said...

Amen to that... :) Just don't forget to breathe.

Zana Hassim @ Kak Lang said...

rileks Mango... will take sometime for you to master the art of multitasking... don't worry, just give yourselft sometime..

Agnes Sim said...

wow..tis one cute. ;-)

rizal said...

Harap semuanya okay untuk manggo.

I am sure you will find your groove manggo.

Happy monday : )

SOHO Mama said...

We're only human :)
We can't be perfect in everything we do, eventhough we think we're good at it. Contohnya I, orang tengok I boleh buat gift baskets sambil anak kecik2 4 orang..and I have a busy husband, tapi kena layan jugak kan, masak utk dia, make sure house is in order etc..
But the fact is I have a helper to help with chores and with the kids, I dont cook every single day , especially during peak seasons *pengsan*. I am NOT a perfect woman :P
Just carry on doing what you're good at and insyaAllah you'll get the flow. I think ahh we ladies doing these kinda business must learn to say "no" to customers once in a while..kan?
Sorry membebel panjang kat sini :P