Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Kalinka, Balalaika and Keroro

Nothing about stamp today. Hihi.
My mind has long been intrigued by the rhythm of Kalinka, eversince I heard it first time as nokia 3310 ringtone...Few years ago i googled it and I realized that it sounds familiar. It's Russian folk song. Meanwhile, if we're friends in Facebook, you may noticed that this two three days (haha) i was youtubing (haha) Keroro and one of the episode's ending song has a related video to Balalaika. Balalaika? It sounds cute. :) Of course it reminds me to "elephant trunk" or "belalai" in Malay. Kukukuku.

Balalaika. Balalaika. Balalaika. The word's echoing at the back of my mind.

I was so entertained by the dance performed by Keroro and his platoon. I even try to follow their dance step, while sitting in front of the computer. Ahahaha...they're cute, and funny.

Ok, Balalaika is actually a stringed instrument; just like mandoline or guitar.

Here's a beautiful arrangement of Kalinka song played with a Balalaika.

And, what is Keroro I talked about just now? Just watch these videos...kukukuku..

Ahahahaha...I don't know what's happening with me or my hormones but suddenly I see things as cute and my brain makes me think that I'm craving for any food that came across my mind. Even when I saw people write c.h.o.c.o.l.a.t.e in their FB status, it makes me feel, "Oh! I want to eat chocolate!". So please, don't mention about food okay. Baju-baju dah tak muat ni kang terpelanting pulak butang. Ahahahaha.


Incik RestNrilekS said...


This is not SOOOO YOU la manggo.

Tapi... i had fun reading this entry. Ketawa pulak membaca.

Rasanya dah terjangkit ni, Rizal pun dok sebut balalalaika.. balalalaika.. balalalaika... ayoooooo wake up rizal!! LOL!!


and i am nuts about patapon.. lol

mangosteenskin said...

hhahaha rizal, sebenarnya i don't know wat is patapon so i googled it. Image2 dia nampak mcm your style of illo! weird creatures. hehe. Tapi...i still think it's cute...ada baca sikit2 psl game tu...dan boleh imagine...mesti best kan?

Mango kdg2 sebut balalaika tu dalam hati dan ketawa berdekah2 sorg (dlm hati jg) sbb it sounds like "belalaika? ...belalaika?...belalaika?....u know it sounds funnier with sabahan slang. Hahahaha.

hai...kalinka tu cambest. cam nak blajar menari tarian tradisional rusia tu gara2 dgr lagu kalinka.

ya betul tu bukan anime sangat...mungkin jg sbb kurang mendedahkan diri dgn anime. but i noticed if i ambil masa tgk satu2 anime, i mudah jatuh cinta... hahaha, sebab sambil tgk tu i always wonder "punyalah berbakatnya org ni...tinggi imaginasi woooo"...