Wednesday, 10 February 2010

When Life Gives You Lemon...

make lemonade!! ~ Dale Carnegie

I like this saying.


I bought this shrink-plastic over a year ago, but we didn't have any oven in the house (it has to be baked). When our toaster stopped functioning, I knew I had to find an "oven" type one so I can also use it for craft-makings. However, I'm worry about baking plastic or clay inside our kitchen toaster as I afraid it might be harmful to health. I make toast almost everyday, and sometimes burgers and hotdogs with it.

Despite the worries, I can't help it but to try it out. It produces unpleasant burnt-plastic smell that stays lingering in the kitchen for a while after I opened the toaster-cover. I accidently inhaled the fume few times becoz I was so excited that I put my face too close to the toaster just to see my "artwork" being "baked" itside.

I'm so crazy about this shrink-plastic! I love to see my drawings being shrunked to mini-mini-moes. You can't see the pins but I already attached one to each of them at the back, so it can be used as a brooch. My husband said he will use the "Safety First" brooch on his neck-tie the next time he go lecturing in NIOSH. What do you think it makes me feel?

Of course la HAPPY!

I would love to make more brooches but I really need to get back to office work and stamp-carving. I'm planning to list my brooches in my etsy shop soon, but for the locals, if you're interested you might just stay tune to my updates. Perhaps I might just list them in this blog.



+farahnajiha said...

i'm drolling right now!!!
mango, comelnye your artwork ni...!
sukee! suke!
tak boleh tak pandang lama2..!

ps: pesal i jerit2 ni..? :/

caffelatte/caffeaulait said...

ambooiiii cantekknyer shrinky dink mango nihh! Kak Nana ada bought 2 pieces of these shrinky plastic kat Daiso tapie biler dah buat tak cantekkk lerr! hihihi tensen! Mango punyer sangattt cantekkkk!

mangosteenskin said...

farah & kak nana...

TQ!!!!! byk idea ni meluap2 nak cuba buat, tp masa je tak membenarkan.

eh kak nana pun boleh lukis kan...awesome je mango tgk atc2 yg kak nana buat tu. mesti boleh buat shrinky art yg cantik2 jg.

ni nampak cantik skit sbb gambar kot. hehe.

anisism said...

eyyy bestnya! where to get those shrinky thing? maybe u should blog bout how to make them then we can all put our faces into the toaster to try out! (ok, 'into' tu melampau)

caffelatte/caffeaulait said...

mango camana nak kasi shrinky art tu nampak terang? I use magiccolor & artline terus jadik comot... and susahnyer nak color coz' the color won't stick. What kind of color that U used? ni kena tanya sifu nih heheh.

mangosteenskin said...


I bought mine online, or daiso, as mentioned by kak nana.

kak nana, not sifu la kak nana. yg kak nana nampak dalam post ni antara first percubaan la nih. the real thing isn't so brightly colored as in the photo kot..biasalah foto...dah tweak2 kasi cantik.

I also use artline, but for the colors i use permanent marker, stabilo fine pen yg kaler2 tu and my ink stamp. I think permanent marker is the best coz cepat kering dan tak smudge. since benda ni plastik, certain media mmg susah nak lekat dan comot. Even my ink stamp pun tak lekat, so kena berhati2 jangan tersentuh. nanti dah bakar, bila sejuk br dia lekat dengan plastik tu. this thing is still new to me too, but i like it... so sekarang mmg rajin google tentang cara2 nak buat dan media yg selalu digunakan. juga google untuk lihat hasil kerja org lain, coz anything i do, i like to come up with something different!

harap tips mango membantu kak nana, nanti share2 lah hasil percubaan kak nana tu ya! :)

caffelatte/caffeaulait said...

tak mo...tak moo...maluu woooo heheh.

AbGJaS said...

Just to add up..
When life gives you mangoes... make it mangoesteen...hehe

Incik RestNrilekS said...

manggo, you know what,

i think how nice it would be if you make all your entry into something like a mini book.

It would surely be fun to read cause all your entries are art and craft related item. : )

Bayangkan volume 1 : 2008 (tu tahun kita kenal satu sama lain kan kat blogsphere?)

gunturina said...