Friday, 19 March 2010


Dear honorable readers,

I am so sorry to announce that I won't be able to accept
incoming orders anymore.
I cannot take orders for business cards & stickers too.

I am taking this opportunity to clear off pending jobs.

I will try my best to reply all unreplied emails ~ eventhough you're already so pissed off
for the long wait


Faisal Admar said...

oh! glad that your biz is very good now! :)

asoarchery said...


adore all those stamps..
bila agaknye akan buka order semula ya?..

igtkan nk order bulan 5 nti..pls inform ya. tq ;)

Miss Pepper said...

hi kak, saye berminat nk bwat order utk wedding kakak saye nanti. bile akak dah free, bole email saye dkt thanks :)

nozie said...

hi....akak nk tempah utk my cake biz..biler u available pls let me know

Norliza said...

ala baru nak order tuk sekoci... ;(
dah free bgtau ek