Saturday, 20 March 2010

Stamp dan Sedikit Omelan

I manage to complete 3 more stamps. Complete means; siap diukir, nicely-mounted dan telah selamat sampai ke tangan pemiliknya.

Look at Mamat's face. It's only about the size of my thumb. Hahahahaha... Aku boleh picit ko Mamat hanya dengan satu jari.

Save-the-date stamp for one of my ex-collegemate. Gambar kucing berkasih-kasihan tu dia cedok dari internet. Not my drawing.

Carving the curly "Sylvester & Grace" was challenging. I know it was going to be tricky and time consuming for a that type of font especially when it is small, tapi bila Grace request ~ I agree jugak!

When it come to wordings, I always think it is the hardest part. Sometimes the font can be as small as size 10 or 8, depending on the design. And the most painful fact is that I'm carving on erasers! I mean, how big erasers can be? Sometimes I question myself, why do I have to force myself with this torturing thing? The wordings are the most excruciating of all.
But of course, only God knows how self-satisfying it is when everythings turn out well. It make me feel like.... Aaahhhhhhh..... I can't explain it.
Sudah banyak kali, hubby ask me, "Benda yang saya suruh buat tu U dah setelkan dah?". Apalagi yang boleh saya jawap? Belum. Baru menguruskan anak dan chores dan sedikit design stamp, hari sudah petang.
Hubby cuma geleng2, I know he's dissapointed. But I am dissapointed too.

Frankly, stamp-carving gave me satisfaction but overall, kepala saya tidak tentu arah sekarang.

Tak mengapa, saya kuat. Saya akan hadapinya!



Azlina Abdul said...

First of all, LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR STAMPS!! Good work dear! :)

You know's not your duty to do all the housework alone. It's your hubby's responsibility to help you with it too. Tapi I really pray that things will get better for you. May you be blessed always dear :).

@rE-LonG said...

Hye Kak..Hope akak sihat dan gembira sntiasa dsmpiG family walaupun sibuk dgn tugas harian.. ^_^ takiG care

jaja said...

hahahaha..patutla mamat mengadu muka dier sakit smpi lebam2 2,3 arinie..upenya kene picit ngn jari mango..hahaha