Monday, 3 May 2010

Handmade Card

I have always tried to divert away from custom-orders, and here's another one of my prototype. Handmade greeting card. It is made using my handcarved stamp and every details is hand-drawn with ink.

It is actually a small card, sized approximately only 3 x 4 inch. Perhaps it's gonna be difficult to find a fitting envelope for this size, and maybe not that practical for postage. Arh, I'll figure that out later. Today I need to carve few stamps and prepare some documents for office.

I'm planning to re-activate my Etsy Shop with some initial series of this card. It has been empty for quite some time.


Izzlin said...

for me..its nice..just a lil bit too crowded...mmm..

mangosteenskin said...

hi izzlin,

haah, the design mmg meant to be that way. to emphasize on the line work. Nak experiment design yg nampak mcm conteng2 gitu.

Dean Zakry said...

Nice design.Try make it simple.